Adjustable Car Safety Belt For Dogs


Product Description

Do you drive around with your dog in your car? Then you need a Car Safety Belt For Dogs.

This dog seat belt will make your car rides with your pets safe, comfortable, and distraction-free.

This smart seat belt easily attaches your pet’s harness to your car, so you can drive without your pet leaping around or out of the window.

The seat belt is quite easy to use.

Simply clip one end of the seatbelt onto your pet’s harness.

Next, secure the other end into a seatbelt slot like you would a regular seatbelt.

Its adjustable length leaves your pet enough room to comfortably sit, lay down, or stand.

All Done!

You and your pet can now enjoy a safe journey.


Why you need to get a seat belt today!

KEEPS YOUR PET, YOU, AND OTHERS SAFE—There have been too many accounts of pets jumping out of car windows. This genius device keeps your beloved pet in your vehicle and in one place, preventing them from jumping onto your lap or under your legs. It ensures you, your pet, and others on the road stay safe.

DURABLE—Each Vehicle Pet Seat Belt is crafted out of durable nylon material, sturdy nickel-plated hardware, and solid metal snaps & buckles, making it a long-lasting and constant companion for car rides with your pet.

WONDERFUL GIFT—This is a perfect gift and a must-have tool for all car owners who absolutely love their pets and want to take them driving or on travels! Free size and great for pets that are 5-20kg.

Material: Polypropylene / Polyester / Nylon

Size: 2.0 * 50-60cm/2.5 * 60-70cm

Material: Polyester

Product Category: Traction Belt

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Additional Information

Weight 70.0 oz
Dimensions 375 × 252 × 50 in

70cm, 60cm


Blue, RandomPl, Random, Pink, Purple, Black, Red, Army Green, Orange, Green, Rose Red, Light Green, Light Blue

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