Preparation Of An Indoor Rabbit Hutch

Wooden Rabbit Hutch Isolated Over White.
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A rabbit is dependent on its living space and should be well taken care of. Experts believe dimensions of a hutch can aid in their growth and development. An indoor rabbit hutch is an important purchase and requires adequate preparation before moving the rabbit in.

Those who don’t prepare well are going to cost their rabbit a chance to grow as desired. What has to be done to prepare the indoor rabbit hutch? It begins with the following steps and those who implement these requirements will be okay.

1) Consider Rabbit’s Physical Characteristics

Begin by measuring the rabbit. How high can they stand? How long are they while lying down? You will measure the width, length, and height. Look at these characteristics to obtain the absolute minimum for the hutch’s dimensions.

The physical characteristics will make the planning easier for everyone.

Also, if the hutch is going to be open from the top, it should be high enough to ensure the rabbit cannot jump out. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

2) Soft Flooring Is Necessary

The flooring is important as rabbits can be prone to having sores on their feet. If the rabbit does not find soft flooring under their feet, it could cause trouble to their health.

The soft flooring can be anything which is comfortable.

3) Prepare Litter Box

A litter box has to be prepared for the rabbit. The training will come later, but a good start can be made with a proper litter box. Buy something that can be tucked into the corner with ease and will not take up half the space.

This way the rabbit is not going to get aggravated.

4) Ventilation Is Imperative

The room should be neither cold or hot. It should be room temperature, and the ventilation has to be spot on. There should be enough air coming in where the rabbit does not feel suffocated. They should be away from direct sunlight, but a pleasant breeze is great.

Veterinarians state rabbits can have troubled lungs which worsen when the room is not ventilated.

5 ) Open Space Around Hutch Is Vital

Leaving the rabbit inside the hutch for the entire day is wrong and will not bode well for their health. It is important to place the hutch in a space where the rabbit can roam around from time to time. This is why open spaces are a must.

By putting the rabbit in the hutch 24/7, it can start to become like a prison, and they will not appreciate it one bit. This is why it is best first to assess where the hutch will be located and then decide to get the rabbit.

If the hutch is not prepared well, the rabbit will not be able to adjust. Studies indicate a rabbit will take time to acclimatize to the environment, and the wrong impression will set things back for a while. Therefore, it is best to look at the first impression as being important.

Prepare the hutch from top to bottom and then bring the rabbit in. Do not make changes on the way as this won’t help.

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A Wooden Rabbit Hutch Isolated Over White with two wire-fronted compartments and a green roof, perfect for outdoor use. Great for preparation if transitioning to an indoor rabbit hutch.
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