How To Tame A Wild Horse And Grow As A Human Being

Young woman training a horse.
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A wild horse at its core is a horse. The same techniques that are used to train domesticated members of these supreme equines are done with their wild cousins.

However, wild horses have a more developed sense of self and greater understanding of community since they have spent time living within the herd. Because of this, when pondering how to tame a wild horse, the trainer must first develop a sense of partnership with the animal rather than a sense of ownership.

Wild horses read body language better than other horses because of the depth of their socialization. They already understand leadership, which was essential to their survival as a member of the herd. Because of this, gaining the trust of the animal requires that you hold yourself confidently to help your horse understand that you are an effective leader, in addition to always using gentle training methods.

Wild horses are used to taking care of themselves which is one reason that training must go more slowly with this splendid animals. Once a single step has been mastered, it must be repeated until the horse learns that you are truly trustworthy. When trust levels are not high enough, the horse will revert to its own ability to make decisions for itself. Understanding this will not only help you to cement your relationship with your horse: It will also help you to truly grow as a human being.

If you are working with a wild mustang, expect it to deliver an immediate and honest reaction to your training methods. If it doesn’t like what you are doing and the trust level is not well developed, you’ll be hard-pressed to make any ground. Develop the ability to read your horse. It will stand you in good stead in the future.

One of the best ways to earn trust is to simply spend time with them. Even if you don’t do any training other than spending time with the horse, bonds can still be developed this way. Start by moving in and out of their pen as you go about your daily business to get them accustomed to your presence. Talk to them when you are in the area. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

How to tame a wild horse also includes getting to know the particular psychology of the animal that you are hoping to train. Pay attention to things that they positively react to and note when they become frightened. Does he get excited at your approach? Be sure to bring the occasional apple slice or raw carrot during your visits to encourage the animal to approach you for a guaranteed reward.

Timing is everything when it comes to horse training. Pay attention to the horse’s reactions and be sure to give an immediate reward when they do what you want them to do. A horse will forgive you if they feel you are sincere in your approach. You can do the right thing too by respecting them when they perform in positive ways.

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