7 Secrets To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

When cats enter your garden, they not only create a very bad mess by destroying flowers that you took ages to grow but also destroy plants you may have been growing for internal and home use. To help avoid this, here are 7 secrets to keep cats out of the garden from today for pet owners.

Secrets To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

Try all of these techniques and you will be sure to get rid of the cat.

Secrets to keep cats out of the garden
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1. Establish A Fence Or A Boundry Around Your Garden

The first thing you need to do is to have a sort of boundary around your garden. This boundary will act as a first layer to defend against cats coming in. Maybe you already have a fence, then take the time to check it for holes and gaps which should be blocked to prevent entry from the floor or any low point.

This boundary won’t be enough, though, as cats are quite fast and can leap up large distances. A fence is a small feat for a cat to jump and surpass to get to its food or rest area, so you will need to add additional taut wire or some sort of string to block it from the top.

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2. Use A Dog To Scare Away The Cat

Another problem you may have is that if a cat has already entered your garden and now considers it his place, it would be quite challenging to get it to leave and not come back. Do not try to approach and move a strange cat directly as it may attack you cause it doesn’t know you.

In such a situation, some turn to dogs as without training, some dogs completely dislike cats and will attack them if they come anywhere nearby.

If you wish to consider this option, you may want to look into more aggressive dog breeds like Dobermans and even Pitbulls. Studies have shown that cats do not like these specific breeds and are quite fearful of them. If a cat sees a Doberman nearby, it will most likely run away and not come back.

One consideration to bear in mind is that some dogs like gardens too, and can be quite destructive in there. The good thing, though, is most dog breeds are quite easy to train and can be trained to keep away from your garden.


3. Use Water To Chase Away A Cat From Your Garden

Another of the 7 secret to keep cat out of the garden you may want to try is to use water to chase away the cat. Most cats totally despite getting wet. Once you notice you have a cat in the garden, using water to spray on it will most likely get it to run away immediately.

To make this work, you will need a bucket of water placed nearby or a garden hose with a squirt to spray on it and make him flee. Cats are quite intelligent. Once you do this to the cat a couple of times, he most likely will stop coming. If he still returns to the scene, repeat the process over and over.


4. Use A Natural Repellent

The previous technique works great on chasing away the cat so far you are available all the time to pour the water on the cat. However, if you are looking to protect your flowers and plants from ever getting touched by stray cats, you will need to try a form of repellent.

Have you ever heard of mothballs? You probably have. Mothballs are those white and small balls usually used while putting clothes in storage to protect it from molds, insects, and clothes moths.

They can be effective in this situation as the smell is offensive to cats. Put the mothballs all around the fence, the garden, and around the plants to be most effective.

Other great natural cat repellents in the form of oils can be used, such as lavender, citronella, lemongrass, and mustard oils. Other non-oil based repellents that could be used include tobacco and cayenne peppers.


5. Install A Motion Activated Sprinkler

The next secret technique to use is to purchase motion-activated water sprinklers. These work very well in getting rid of cats from your garden while having the added benefit of helping your plants.

Once the sprinkler system has been installed and set up for use, you will be free from cats. If the cat comes to the garden, the system will automatically turn on and drench the cat in water.

It’s like you are there 24/7 chasing the cat away. Very effective. Once this happens a few times, the cat will stop coming back once and for all.

6. Use A High-Frequency Sound Device To Get Rid Of The Cat

The next secret technique to try is using sound devices with high frequency, such as ultrasonic repellents. These are quite effective yet silent to human hearing and won’t disturb you or your family but will still work on the cat.

There are various types of these devices. Some only work when there is motion and some stay activated all round the clock. Anyone you purchase will work fine for your needs.

The only thing you need to consider here before the purchase is that the model you choose must cover the garden’s entire distance. You may need to purchase two devices if one is not enough for the distance.

Once you have a strong range device or multiple shorter range device, you can feel secure knowing that it will effectively keep away strays and animals from your garden.

7. Buy Commercial Grade Animal Repellent

Another option to consider is to buy commercial animal repellents. These types of repellents are very powerful and use artificial scents to keep stray cats away.

They are not meant to be used near any form of consumable crops. Thanks to the large number of chemicals used to make them, they can contaminate the crops if not handled properly.

After due consideration, if you still feel you need them, you can get them from local department stores. They will be highly effective in getting rid of the cat and other stray animals as well.


A Final Note On Keeping Cats Out Of The Garden

Nothing good comes easy. Getting results will require some consistent effort if you want to do it manually with water, or if you want to do it faster and more efficiently with some form of equipment.

However, it will still take a few tries before the cats get the message not to return there any more. If you are patient and consistent, you will reap the rewards of a cat-free garden.

After you are successful, ensure you secure the boundary around the garden wherever possible to keep cats from coming back. We hope you have enjoyed reading these seven tips for getting cats out of the garden. If you found this helpful, please share it with others.

7 Secrets To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden
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