6 Tips On How To Make A Cat Love You

Do you have a cat? You would agree that it is not so easy to bond with them like it would if it were a dog. Nevertheless, if you know how to make a cat love you, she’ll develop emotional bonds with time.

how to make a cat love you
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So, if you’re looking for ways to make your cat more affectionate towards you, check our tips below:


1. Let Her Do What She Loves 

Allowing your cat to do what she derives joy from can get her to love you in turn. Cats are independent animals, so you’ll need to give her a bit of space to do her thing.

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According to various experts some of the things cats love to do include; taking naps, being groomed, eating fresh food, scratching & clawing, playing, etc.

This indirectly means that you should let your pet call the shots, but to some extent. Maintain discipline and authority but let your cat be free. Your pet shouldn’t injure itself simply because you want your cat to do what she wants to do.


2. Punish Your Cat Less 

Once in a while, your pet may exhibit bad behaviors. It would be best if you devised other correctional means that won’t involve punishing your cat. If you punish your cat whenever she does something wrong, there’s no way she will love you. Remember, unlike dogs, she is not programmed to love you but chooses to, so your actions are what makes her decide if you are worth loving.

You shouldn’t shout at or beat your cat on any occasion. Aside from the possibility that she’ll distrust you, cats do not learn from those types of disciplinary actions. They always make things worse.

Some cat owners spray their cat water to correct their behaviors. Another ideal way is by spraying the areas you want her off with aversive scents.


3. Play With Your Cat

Cat love playing a lot. If you’re looking for ways on how to make your cat love you, you should play with her – a lot.

The best way to go about playing with your cat is to use interactive toys. Toys that evoke predatory behaviors are ideal and also sound stimulation toys with squeakers or bells. You should engage your cat in play sessions every day if she’s up for it.

ways to make your cat more affectionate to you
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According to Hillspet, engaging your cat in two or three play sessions is ideal for bonding. If your cat doesn’t want to play, she’ll hide away from you, and you should let her be.


4. Feed Your Cat Her Favorite Treats 

If you notice that your cat likes a particular treat very much, do well to ensure it’s always available for her.

Feed her these treats whenever she exhibits a positive behavior or does something good. It’ll not just make her love you but will also encourage her to keep up the behavior.

However, it’s important to watch her intake still and not overfeed her. See our list of the best quality affordable dry cat food here. Also, while giving treats is one way to make your cat more affectionate, too many treats are among the causes of obesity. If you already have an overweight cat, you may want to see this article on how to make your cat lose weight.

It would help if you also avoided treats that contain milk, chocolates, candy, etc. They are unhealthy for cats.


5. Understand Cat Language 

You might need to go a little extra mile to make your cat love you, which involves learning ‘cat language.’ Every posture your cat makes can be interpreted into meaning.

When you understand these meanings, you’ll be able to identify your cat’s needs and provide solutions faster. With this, there’s no way she won’t love you.

Fortunately, these cat body languages are not difficult to learn. Your vet can explain a few of them to you, and you can look up some cat language guides on the internet.

Also, you should try to understand the sounds cats make as they also have meanings.


6. Keep Your Cat Safe 

This cannot be overemphasized. For your pet to love you, she needs to feel safe with you. Cats do fear threats, mainly from other animals. You’ll want to look into this if you have a dog or other cats in the house.

Importantly, your cat should be provided with a secure place to sleep, eat, toilet, etc. Anything that could cause harm to your cat should be out of its way. This includes heavy objects, electrical cords, sharp objects, etc.

Food and water should be kept handy, so she’s fed as soon as she’s hungry, and schedule occasional visits to the vet office to check her health. If your cat goes outdoors here are some more tips on how to keep an outdoor cat safe.

See more tips on making a cat like you, in this video.


By reading the above tips, I believe you’re now informed on how to make a cat love you. In simple terms, you should care for your pet and show your cat love for her to love you back.

Give her her freedom, play with her, feed your cat her favorite foods and rewards, study her, and ensure she’s protected.

All these activities should help you build a bond with your cat and make her love you. If you enjoyed this article on making your cat love you, share it with all your friends.

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How to make your cat love you now
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