8 Surprising Signs Your Cat Actually Likes You

Cats could be very loving yet funny animals at the same time. They can behave strangely, and their actions can be quite a mystery to us as there are times when an action means something totally different from what you think it does.

Signs A Cat Likes You
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You see, cats are very independent animals and may not show their affection easily. If you feel your cat doesn’t love you, you can see our post on how to make your cat love you. 

However, the truth is when you spend so much time with your cat and care for her, she will come to love you very much and try to show you some affection. 

This affection can be misinterpreted, and it can be difficult to know if your pet likes you or not. Here are eight surprising signs a cat likes you. You can check to confirm if your cat does these things or not to get a clearer picture of how your cat feels about you.


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1. Your Cat Follows You Around 

A cat who loves you will want to be around you all the time. If your pet is always following you around within the house and wants to join you as you step out most of the time, then there’s a possibility she loves you a lot. 

You’ll be sure your pet loves you when she wants to be with you, even when it’s time to eat or play, which are things that she would naturally love the most. 


2. Your Cat Purrs Around You

Purrs are simply waves of calmness, and naturally, cat purrs when they are happy or in a relaxed mood. They mostly purr when near humans that they love to show that they feel at home with them. 

If not humans, they purr when they are with their kittens but never when around any random cat. Your pet loves you if he constantly purrs when around you or when you stroke her. 


3. Your Cat Brings You Presents 

Cats love to hunt, most especially outdoor cats. They go after anything that catches their attention, most especially smaller animals like rats. If your pet loves you, she’ll steadily bring you presents, usually her prey. 

To you, it could be disgusting or upsetting- imagine receiving a dead rat as a gift? Nevertheless, it’s an expression of love from your pet. 

It doesn’t always have to be prey. Your pet can also offer you her cat toys or food, especially if it’s an indoor cat. This also shows that your cat trusts you. See the video below with 7 signs your cat trusts you.



4. Your Cat Headbutts You 

You must have heard about the cat headbutts, aka bunting. It’s nothing like you getting a headbutt from a human; cat headbutts are soft and lovely. 

If you’re getting some from your pet, it could be one of the signs that a cat likes you. It means your pet is trying to get personal with you; she trusts you and is trying to leave her scent on you. 


5. Your Cat Licks You

If your cat licks you, she may be trying to create a social bond between you too. This behavior is a common one you’ll notice from older cats to their kittens; it’s a way they show affection, although it’s a form of grooming too. 

As a result, this behavior sticks with the kittens as they grow, and it’s about the most natural means by which cats show affection. Most especially if there’re other cats around, your pet will lick you to show them that you’re hers. 


6. Your Cat Shows You Her Tummy Area

Does your pet turn around or stretch on the floor to show you her tummy whenever you come around? If yes, that means your pet trusts you, and there’s no way your pet will trust you without liking you. 

When cats show you their tummies, it means they don’t mind being vulnerable around you as they feel safe. As your pet shows you her tummy, feel free to stroke it. However, this might not apply to other cats you don’t own, as it’s sometimes a defensive act. 


7. Your Cat Gurgles When Touched  

Some cat owners get worried when their pet gurgles a lot. This worry is understandable because excessive gurgling could mean there is something wrong with your pets’ digestion. 

Nevertheless, if your pet gurgles when you touch and pet him, he could be expressing love. This action is done most frequently when the gurgles are high-pitched. 

Sometimes, gurgles are accompanied by purrs, which, as already mentioned, is one of the surprising signs your cat likes you. 


8. Your Cat Blinks At You Slowly 

Cat blinking and looking up at human
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When your cat blinks slowly, he’s expressing positive emotion. It could be an expression of love, happiness, or that everything is ok. Slow blinking has also been researched to be the feline version of smiling. 

This means that you can also slow blink at your pet to show your cat you love her and that everything is ok. In fact, cats are likely to approach a person, slowly blinking at them even if it’s a total stranger they’ve never met before. 



Most cat owners do wonder if cats have affection. The answer is yes, they do, but just as stated by Nbcnews, they don’t show it. 

Well, you don’t have to be in the dark; your pet loves you if she’s showing any of the signs above. So start showing your love back today.

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