10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

Deciding to adopt a cat is an easy task for some people. For others, it isn’t easy. Well, if you’re considering whether to adopt a cat or not, I’ll help you get off the fence by explaining what to expect when you adopt a cat.  

Adopting or buying a cat can be one of the best or worse decisions you’ll make. Want to know why? Here are the top ten ways your life will change when you adopt a cat; 

what to expect when you get a cat
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1. You Have A New Companion 

Getting a new cat means you get a new companion. If you stay alone, adopting a cat will mean you’re no longer alone; you now have a companion. 

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In other words, you won’t have to do everything considering just yourself; you have to consider your cat too. 

For example, you might be forced to turn up the heat if the cat is cold, even when you’re hot. This action might be a small thing to many people, but the point is that you should be ready to accommodate and consider your companion in your decisions.


2. More Chores For You To Do

Adopting a cat means more chores in the house. You have to clean the things you use and your cat; he can’t do chores. 

These activities will include cleaning your pet’s feeding plate, bowl, water bottle, litter box, bed, mattress, etc. Cats are very clean animals, so you’ll be forced to do these extra chores every other day. 

More Chores For You To Do With A Cat
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If your pet’s litter box is not cleaned on time, your cat may not use it, which may result in accidents in unexpected places, so you may not be able to delay indefinitely with some of the tasks you need to do. See our article on the best cat litter box for small apartments to see great litter boxes.


3. You’ll Have A New Sleep Schedule. 

Already, you should know cats are crepuscular animals, and they sleep a lot. While your cat will spend most of the daytime sleeping, he’ll be active most of dusk & dawn.

Usually, these are the times you would be asleep. With your cat awake, he could also keep you awake purring and making other sounds. Only a few cats sleep all through the night. 


4. You’ll Be More Attentive. 

If you’re usually distracted and pay less attention to what’s happening around you, that will change when you adopt a cat.

If you’re not attentive, your cat may make a mess of the place and cause problems that you would like to avoid.

How To Train A Cat Not To Scratch
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Your cat might injure himself, escape outdoors via the window or an open door, scratch and destroy something of value in your home, etc. See our posts on how to train a cat not to scratch and how to train a cat to stay indoors to help with these problems.


5. Less Privacy For You

As mentioned earlier, adopting a cat means you now have a new companion. It also implies you now have less privacy. 

There are some things you’ll do at home without worrying about anyone watching you, but now, you have the eyes of your cat on you.

While the cat might not understand most of what you’re doing and possibly cannot tell a third person, you’re going to consider his presence. 

Cats are notorious for following their owners to the bathroom but strangely enough, they value their privacy when doing their business.


6. You’ll Be Healthier 

Having a cat around your house makes you healthier. According to NBC News, cats help you stress less as the sound of their purr can lower your blood pressure and be calming on your nerves.

Also, since you’ll no longer be lonely, they can positively influence your overall well-being. Furthermore, cat owners are less likely to die from stroke and heart attack. 


7. Bills Will Increase 

You’ll have to adjust your spending budget if you adopt a cat. Your budget will include new stuff like cat food, medication, treats, trips to the vet, etc. See our post on the best cat carrier for long-distance travel if you plan to go out with a cat.

Pets increase bills
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Some apartments might charge you a pet rent. Owning a cat could cost up to $1,000 per year on average. 

You may end up taking out pet insurance or a pet plan. While this is not an urgent spend, it is essential to ensure you don’t have to spend too much when your furry friend falls sick.

Check out pet assure if you are interested in saving some money on pet bills. Pet assure is a very affordable plan that gives you discounts for taking your cat to a preapproved vet. You can get 25% savings instantly on medical procedures and services done in-house. It’s not pet insurance, but it’s worth the buy cause it’s available for use right when you need it. Click here to learn more about it.


8. You’ll Learn To Be Patient. 

Cats will humble you. They are not kids that you can yell or command to control. You’ll have to train your cat to learn everything you want him to know, from commands to using the litter box, sleeping in his bed, etc. 

Training takes time, and if your pet isn’t a fast learner, it’ll take more time. You’ll learn to be even more patient if you want to live with an adopted cat. 


9. More Social Media 

There’s hardly a cat owner on social media who doesn’t want to show off their pet. Even if you’re a person that doesn’t like posting your photos, you now have someone to capture. 

Social media cat pictures
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Also, cats can be hilarious animals that will make you laugh more and give you funny scenes to record and share. So, you’ll be posting more on social media. 

There are even dedicated cat accounts on social media, especially on Instagram. Of course, cats don’t operate these accounts; their owners do. 


10. You Get To Experience Unconditional Love 

Cats are capable of loving. If your adopted cat falls in love with you, then you’ll get to experience unconditional love in its truest form. You never can tell; your cat can save your life in an emergency. 



Adopting a cat might seem like an easy thing to do, but it could be a life-changing decision. Nevertheless, cats need to be loved. Statistics from ASPCA show that about 1.6 million shelter cats are adopted yearly. 

ways life changes when adopting a cats
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So you see, you’re not alone. Millions of others also adopt cats and experience the love and joy of owning a pet. If you liked this article on what to expect when you adopt a cat, be sure to share it.

How your life changes when you adopt a cat
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