Brain Training For Dogs Review: Does It Work?

Are you considering purchasing the brain training for dogs program? Well, I’ll be explaining all about the course in this honest brain training for dogs review to help you decide.

You’ll find a lot of brain training for dogs customer reviews online from customers who have purchased the program. How do you know who to listen to about the course and if to buy or not? You’ll only be able to make the best decision when you know what to expect in the course. To start with, let’s look at some common problems that may prompt you to invest in dog training. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review
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Common Dog Problems That Can Be Solved With Training

The best dogs are the ones who have undergone excellent behavior or obedience training. Training is essential if you own a dog. Our pets don’t always understand what we’re asking of them, which frustrates our dogs and us. Dogs naturally communicate differently from us. Most bad dog behavior is actually normal dog behavior. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

However, these common behaviors can cause issues if not handled properly. Dogs aren’t as intelligent as humans. Also, humans go to school to learn at an early age. Therefore, if you want your dogs to learn something, you have to train them. Fortunately, dogs are highly intelligent animals and can learn new stuff fast.

There are many dog problems you can solve with basic training. Some of them include:

      • Uncontrollable barking
      • Disobedience 
      • Jumping
      • Leash pulling 
      • Aggressive behavior
      • Chewing
      • Constant whining 
      • Fear and anxiety 
      • Constant digging 

Furthermore, dog training can solve other problems that don’t involve your dog’s behavior. For example, you may need to get closer to your pet, help your dog stress less, teach your pet a new activity, and more. 

Dog training can be easy or difficult, depending on your goals. For example, it’s easy to teach your pet basic commands like sit, stay, and lay down, but dog training can go much deeper. There are different types and forms of dog training techniques. Our interest in this review is brain training. 


What is Brain Training For Dogs?

Normal obedience training activities teach your dog basic skills like leash walking, staying, and coming when called. On the other hand, true brain training engages your dog’s thinking uniquely with fun activities. 

Brain training encourages your dog to think creatively, solve problems, and at the same time, have fun. Some of the known benefits of brain training include: 

      • Reduces boredom 
      • It helps correct bad behavior 
      • Manage breed-specific habits like digging or resource-hunting. 
      • It helps slow the brain’s cognitive decline as your dog ages.

Brain training is also a fun method to build the link between you and your dog. The Clickbank brain training for dogs follows an even more unique approach to bringing out the best in your pet. The dog training system created by Adrienne Farricelli aims to make your pet intelligent. 

The brain training method and how it helps stop bad behavior is simple. It’s based on the concept of neuroplasticity. This term refers to the brain’s ability to modify, change, and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experience.

In other words, it implies that our brains are like flexible plastic, easily moldable to new habits and actions. A dog’s brain is also neuroplastic. 

The correct mental stimulation and training can help your dog’s brain open up to learning new things. Intelligent dogs are more docile and well-behaved. Hence, when training your pet, it will be more attentive and understand your instructions. 


Who Is Adrienne Farricelli The Dog Trainer?

Adrienne Farricelli is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer who has spent the last decade helping people train well-behaved and loving pets. Adrienne created the Brain Training for Dogs program in line with her objective of keeping dogs happy and mentally stimulated. 

She’s recorded some very notable achievements throughout her career. Adrienne has been a dog blogger and writer since 2005. Her works have been published in top publications like USA Today, Reader’s Digest, Daily Puppy, Nest Pets, and Every Dog magazine. 

She was accredited by the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants in 2010 after completing 219 hours of apprenticeship. In addition to teaching basic and advanced obedience training, she also taught Canine Musical Freestyle, after which she earned her CPDT-KA certification

Adrienne Farricelli brain training for dogs
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Adrienne specializes in positive reinforcement training and gentle behavior modification strategies. As a CCPDT, she’s always updated with the latest dog training and behavior modification practices. She’s also a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. 

Adrienne studied canine theriogenology at the University of Minnesota and dog emotion and cognition at Duke University. She completed two Hospice and End-of-Life Care for Dogs courses in 2018. 

Currently, she lives in Arizona and owns two Rottweilers, Einstein and Petra. With all of her certifications and experiences, it’s not surprising that she’s the founder of this brain training for dogs program. 


Why Should I Consider Using Adrienne Farricelli’s Brain Training For Dogs Program To Train My Dog? 

The brain training for dogs program created by Adrienne Farricelli is trusted by many dog owners and trainers. There are many interesting reasons why you should get it for your pet. 

First of all, it's a unique dog training program. Most dog training programs you'll find today don't focus on improving your dog's intelligence. Adrienne Farricelli's brain training program does that by engaging your pet at a mental level. In many cases, mental stimulation is all you need to get rid of bad behaviors. 

Secondly, the training program helps you identify the root problem. You and your dog will fail at dog training if you don't get to the bottom of the problem. You'll only be able to stop the unwanted behavior temporarily. If you uncover the root problem, you can stop it permanently. 

The third reason is that the brain training 4 dogs course is a force-free dog training program, unlike many dog training programs that rely on force and dominance. Force-free training is a lot more effective than other training methods. With this non-violent and non-aggressive training approach utilizing food rewards, you not only make your pet behave better, but you also build a stronger bond and better relationship with your pet.

Finally, it's not ideal to use a trainer without certifications, especially when it comes to brain training. Your pet could end up worse. Adrienne Farricelli, the creator, is a certified dog trainer, and you can look up her professional certificates yourself for confirmation.


Structure: What is inside this Dog Training Course?

Here are the contents of the Adrienne Farricelli dog training program.

brain training games for impulse training
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Module - 1 Preschool

The first section in this brain dog training program is the preschool. This section is like a foundation that prepares you and your pet for the rest of the course. The focus here is to teach your pet how to make use of thier brainpower. 

You'll find details on how to target train. Target training teaches your pet how to be attentive to commands, amongst other things. Next, the preschool module teaches your pet how to maintain eye contact. That way, communication between you both is strong. 

Finally, there's a brain training game for dogs - the airplane game. This activity trains your pet to recognize you as a source of reward. Your pet will always look at you and be attentive. 


Module - 2 Elementary School

Elementary school teaches your pet how to apply his senses when responding to your commands. This module mainly consists of brain training games for dogs. There are three games in total. 

The first, Treasure Hunt Game, helps prevent boredom which causes many dog problems. It employs methods that are natural to dogs. Next is The Muffin Game that teaches your pet how to avoid trouble through mental stimulation.  

Finally, the Elementary School features The Ball Pit Game. This last game intuitively drains your pet's energy while ensuring he exercises and enjoys himself. This activity makes your pet easier to handle. 

After completing all three games, you'll notice that your pet becomes more willing to respond to commands and is careful when responding. 


Module - 3 High School

The High School module of this brain dog training program focuses on teaching your pet impulse control and patience. Hence, it features brain training games for impulse training. Just like the previous module, this one features three games. 

The first game, Jazz up and Settle Down, teach your pet how to relax. After engaging in a highly active activity, your dog will learn to quiet down very quickly. There's a Bottle Game for mental stimulation. The game ensures your pet exercises very well. 

With the Bobbing Treats game, your pet will learn that good behaviors earn him treat rewards. Hence, he'll be excited to obey you as it means getting new treats. The game will also help if your dog is afraid of water


Module - 4 College

In module 4, your pet is ready for college education. Here, your pet will learn to be more attentive to commands, and the games help increase your dog's flexibility. The games featured in this module are very simple. 

First is the Shell Game that teaches your pet to develop his mental agility. A mentally agile dog will easily switch to the best course of action in any event. 

The second game, Open Sesame Game, teaches your pet how to be patient and calm. Notably, it trains your pet to not run out of the house even if the door is wide open. 

With the last game, Magic Carpet Game, your pet will learn to be more patient and improve his skills in responding to tasks.


Module - 5 University

The University module works on your dog's intelligence and impulse control. First, there's the Hide and Seek game that helps strengthen the bond between you and your pet. It'll also help your pet if he has trouble being alone.

The next game in the University module is the Look At That Game. This game will help if your dog is the type that constantly barks. It helps him get familiar with other people, animals, and things. 

The Hot and Cold game, which is the last in this module, increases your pet's confidence and his ability to learn. 


Module - 6 Graduation

In module 6, you're done with most of the training program. You should be seeing major improvements in your pet's behavior by now. The Graduation module will help strengthen these good behaviors with advanced skills. 

First is the Advanced leg-weaving skill, which is mainly just for fun. Second is the Serpentines and spirals game that teaches your pet how to stay close to you. Your pet will be able to follow your movements, especially when you're outdoors.

The third game focuses on improving your pet's cognitive ability. It's a Name recognition game where your pet learns how to select toys by their names. You can also apply the techniques to teach your pet the names of people and other things. 


Module - 7 Einstein

Stack the ring game for dogs
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The last module is more of teaching your pet some extras. You'll be interested in the skills if you want to show your friends that your pet is a genius. 

The first is the Tidy Up game. Your pet will learn how to clean the place, keep the dog toys where they should be after playing. Next is the Ring Stackers game to improve your pet's patience and develop his skills.

The last game in the Einstein module is the Play the Piano game; interesting. As you've already guessed, your pet will learn how to play the piano - even if not at a veteran level. 


Other Features and Bonuses

Aside from the modules and games, you get other bonuses when you purchase this dog training program. There are seven trick training videos. You can teach your pet how to cover the eyes, dance, take a bow, play dead, rollover, and more. 

In addition, there's an Obedience 101 training CD and many other bonuses from Adrienne's Archive. This section includes over 100 in-depth articles on dog behavior problems and the secrets of puppy training


Who Will Benefit From This High-Quality Dog Training Program?

If your dog ignores you or stares at you as you train him, he may not understand what you want him to do. This action is due to his brain not being able to comprehend what you’re doing or saying. Brain training for dogs eliminates this problem by mentally activating his brain. 

Any dog owner who wants his pet to behave better can benefit from this dog training program. You must have come across several other dog training programs, but this one by Adrienne Farricelli stands out thanks to its unique approach. 

Not only will it prevent you from the embarrassment of having to control and monitor your dog constantly, but it will also save you money from having to pay a dog trainer or other related expenses. 

Also, as already mentioned earlier, the program is beneficial to anyone with a dog with behavioral issues like barking, whining, leash pulling, separation anxiety, biting, and jumping. The program also works for puppy training and agility training. 

With all of these, there’s enough reason to recommend this dog brain training program. However, it’s important to note that this Brain improvement program won’t transform your pet overnight. It’s a training program, and you have to follow the techniques with patience and dedication for them to work.


How Does Brain Training For Dogs Training Work?

How brain training for dogs work is by engaging your pet in different mentally stimulating games. Brain training doesn’t just teach your pet basic obedience commands and skills. It helps him understand why he has to learn those commands and skills.

As already listed above, the program consists of 7 modules. Each module has a particular objective, and it starts from the simplest to the more advanced. All you have to do is learn and follow the games from the first module to the last. 

Dogs learn from the immediate result of their actions. This reason is why brain training games are one of the best methods you can use. By regularly playing brain games, they learn every time.

It would be best if you didn’t skip any of the games. Also, don’t move on to the next game if your pet hasn’t grasped the previous. The games are explained in clear pictures and texts so practicing them is easy.


Does The Brain Training Dog training program work?

Many dog owners like us who’ve bought this dog training program confirm that it works. Here are some Adrienne Farinelli’s brain training for dogs reviews from a few of them: 

  • Rosemary D. 

Since I’ve started using Brain Training for Dogs, my dogs have been more eager to learn.” They are eager to participate and figure out what they must do! It’s not about ‘commanding’ someone to do something; it’s about getting them to think about it. This method of dog training is fantastic, and my dogs agree!” 

  • Sonoma W

I feel 100 times more confident and much better about training after completing this program. I have a much better knowledge of behaviors now, and my puppy seems to sense my confidence. This training approach is the most effective way to raise your dog’s confidence and teach him new skills.”

Aside from these reviews, Adrienne Farricelli is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer that has been published in many top publications. The course won’t be so popular if it doesn’t work. 

You can’t lose with the Adrienne Farricelli dog training program. You get access to the same techniques and strategies that the certified trainer previously used to train thousands of dogs and improve their intelligence. 

On your part, it’s not very difficult as you have to follow the techniques. In addition, the techniques are dog-friendly and comfortable to practice. 


What’s the Price of Brain Training For Dogs? 

Hiring a private trainer for your pet will cost between $50 to $120 per hour session. If you enroll your pet in a course or obedience training school, you’ll spend about $500 to $1,200 per week. All these are very expensive compared to this brain training for dogs ebook. 

The Adrienne Farricelli brain training for dogs program costs just $47. You get all of the course and the bonuses. Interestingly, the course owner is more interested in making sure your dog behaves better than keeping your money. 

Hence, you’re protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you purchase this dog brain training program and you’re not satisfied with it for any reason, you can request and get your money back within 60 days of purchase. You don’t have to state your reasons.

Furthermore, all customers get full support once they purchase this program. There’s a dedicated help desk to guide each customer on a one on one basis, so no one gets stuck. 

While this is an advantage to you, it limits the number of people who can access the course. As a result, if you are interested in buying the brain training for dogs course, the earlier you do so, the better.


Brain Training For Dogs Review Final Verdict

With this brain training for dogs review, you can agree with one thing - the program is very valuable. The information available in the Adrienne Farricelli cannot be found anywhere else, whether on or off the internet. However, here are our pros and cons of the program.


  • A lot more affordable than hiring trainers 
  • Easy and simple training stages 
  • Effective Dog Training
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Useful Bonuses 
  • Force-free training
  • Enjoyable training process for the dog and owner 
  • Promotes dog intelligence
  • Course creator is a certified pet dog trainer

  • The course is relatively lengthy. Having so much to cover means training can take long 
  • The text size of some of the material may be too small to read easily

Based on this and what we have discussed so far, we recommend the course.  As you saw from the contents, it features cutting-edge dog training science techniques that are proven to help improve hidden intelligence in dogs. The more intelligent your dog is, the easier it is for your dog to learn how to behave better. 

You’ll find the course easy to follow, thanks to the quality pictures with clear instructions. In addition, there are video demonstrations of brain training games for dogs

If you ever have any suggestions or issues with the course, there’s reliable support and a private forum to help you. Your questions go directly to the course creator, Adrienne Farricelli, who will provide all the answers you need.

Finally, another reason why this brain training for dogs program is recommended is that it’s affordable. You purchase it for less than $50 despite all the comprehensive information it contains. 

Enjoyed this review? Don’t forget to share. Also, if you want the best for your pet, then click the buy button below to pick up a copy right away. 

Brain Training For Dogs Review
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