How To Take A Dog On A Bike Ride: 6 Great Tips

It’s necessary to spend time with your pet and for your dog to have fun with you during this time as it strengthens the bond you both share. Dogs themselves love to play and stay active. One way of spending fun time with your pet is by bike riding but, do you know how to take a dog on a bike ride?

How To Take A Dog On A Bike Ride
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Getting your dog to run along as you ride is not a very easy process. In addition, there’s the need for safety, so your pet doesn’t get injured. To help you, check out the tips below on how to safely bike with your dog; 


1. Your Dog Must Be Bike Ready 

This has to do majorly with your dogs’ age. Your dog is not ready for bike riding if your dog is a young puppy and hasn’t completed his growth phase. Fish-based dog food can provide great protection and benefits for your dog’s joints, and you may wish to consider adding some to your puppy’s diet as soon as possible. See our post on 5 benefits of fish-based dog food. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

Also, many health experts and vets say that it takes about 1.5 years for this growth phase to complete. Young dogs below 1.5 years are likely to have soft joints that are prone to injuries. 

Another thing to look out for is your pets’ medical state. Is your dog in a good health condition, without being on medication, and how is your dog’s energy level? 

Bike riding is a fun exercise but also an energy-consuming one for your pet if he’s to run along. 


2. Use A Basket For Biking With A Dog

Baskets are necessities for dog bike riding. They are the best option if you don’t want your pet to run along on the floor. There are both front and back baskets you can choose from, but most dog owners prefer back baskets as it is more comfortable. 

dog basket for bicycle
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When buying a bike basket, design, material, and capacity are important to consider. Nylon and canvas are regularly used materials, and both are safe to use. 

For design, you might need a basket that’s padded and with an overhead cover. These baskets sometimes come in diffrent sizes or a generic size. Your dog’s weight will determine the size to go for. 

3. Keep Him On The Bike Steering 

You can stand your pet on the steering for bike rides. He should stand on an area of the handlebars and frame. 

This is more applicable to bikes with adjustable handlebars. Some bikes are designed for such riding.

It’s ideal if you’re bike riding to close places like a store or supermarket. This method will make your pet enjoy the ride more, but it requires a bit of training, so your pet doesn’t fall off. An alternative to this would be getting a handlebar pet carrier. 


4. Use A Trailer 

Dog bike trailers are usually attached at the back of the bike; it is like a vehicle being towed. They are versatile as they can serve various purposes other than bike riding like shopping. 

Most bike trailers feature a built-in harness making it unable for your pet to jump out. An overhead cover is necessary too to protect your dog from sunshine or rain. It would help if you looked out for these previously mentioned accessories (overhead cover and harness) when buying a bike trailer, as they will be needed later. 

Just like when purchasing a bike basket, you will have to consider the trailers’ design, material, and carrying capacity. 

5. Use A Fitted Body Harness

If your pet is to run along, you should use a fitted body harness. It is safer and more advantageous than just a dog collar. See our post on how to train a dog to wear a harness for more information.

According to various experts, harnesses reduce the risk of injuries if your dog is the type that pulls. These fitted body harnesses come in different types and sizes, so be sure to choose the right length when buying a harness. 

An ideal type to consider is a pulling harness as it gives your pet freedom of movement while keeping him attached to the bike. Furthermore, the harness should be an adjustable one so you can set the right distance between the bike and your pet. 


6. Carry Other Essentials

When it comes to learning how to take a dog on a bike ride, one major consideration is on how to bike with a dog safely. Keeping your dog safe and comfortable should be very important to you.  There are various items you should carry along with you for a comfy bike ride. 


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The most important is a dogs’ first aid kit for quick treatment should there be any injury. It should contain bandages, medications, antiseptic wipes, etc. 

Travel food bowls and water bottles are also essential extras because you and your pet are likely to get hungry and thirsty on a long bike ride. It is best to carry along with you water bottles for your dog to use during the trip. 

Other extras you might need include; waterproof rain gear, should there be rain and dog boots to protect your pets’ feet. 

See more tips on bike riding with your dog in the video below.


You shouldn’t just know how to take your dog on a bike ride but also how to keep him safe during the ride. The tips above are important to follow on how to bike with a dog safely. 

However, you should also avoid riding very fast when your dog is with you or riding in a high traffic area.  

Finally biking  with a dog can be stressful on your dog’s joints if your dog is running alongside the bike, be sure to see our post on how to keep a dog joints healthy to help protect your pet from problems in the future.

I hope you have learned something new on how to take your dog bike riding; please share this post with others.

How to take a dog bike riding today
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How to train your dog to bike with you for fun
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How to take a dog bike riding today
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