5 Tips On How To Choose A Dog Kennel For An Aggressive Dog

In this article, we will learn how to choose a dog kennel for an aggressive dog.  We will cover various types of dog kennels for aggressive dogs, various dog kennel ideas, and which kennels are better to buy and why.

How to choose a dog kennel for an aggressive dog
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Dog kennels are ideal for proper dog training. They come in different types and sizes, so there are choices you’ll need to make when you want to get one.

According to various experts Chihuahua, Dachshund, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, Dalmatian, and Rottweiler are some of the most aggressive dog breeds. These breeds are aggressive and can be difficult to train. If you are also having difficulty training, then see our post on the best training collar for stubborn dogs to help you.

Also, if you own any of these dogs, read our top tips below on choosing a good dog kennel for an aggressive dog.

Check out the top 5 tips below;

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1. Get Your Pets’ Measurement

Getting your pets’ correct measurements is important to ensure you get a kennel that fits it. If the kennel is too small, your pet will be uncomfortable and likely get more aggressive. If it’s too large, it’ll not be ideal for training.

You can measure your pet yourself, starting from his head to the floor, or get a vet to do it if you are not too comfortable with the dog in question. The ideal kennel for an aggressive dog is one that is taller and wider than his height, with about 3 or 4 inches.  

There should be enough space for the dog to stand, turn, and lie down. If the dog is a puppy, you can go with the measurements of an adult-dog of his breed.


2. Check The Weight Of Your Pet 

The weight of your pet is an important factor that determines the right kennel. Dog kennels do have maximum weight recommendations, and an aggressive dog would likely shake off a kennel that it weighs more than.

Typically, the higher your dogs’ weight, the larger the kennel you will need to buy. However, that doesn’t always apply. If your dog is very heavy, it could shake and destroy many types of kennels when acting out aggressively.

A better solution is to secure the kennel to the ground using anchors. There are specific dog kennels, ground anchors for both indoor and outdoor use.


3. Go For Dog Crate Kennels 

Dog crate kennels are one of the best types of dog kennels for aggressive dogs. These types of kennels are just like dog dens.

They are totally enclosed and are ideal for training and security, which is what most aggressive dogs need.

With time, your pet will consider the crate kennel safe heaven as he isn’t bothered by anyone when inside. The aggressive behavior That was caused by fear or nervousness will be stopped.


4. Go For Metal 

Metal is considered the most sturdy and durable material for dog kennels. If you want to hold down an aggressive dog, then you should go for a metal kennel.

Metal crates are not ideal because of their durability alone. They are also recommended because they are the easiest to clean. It’s likely for your aggressive pet to mess up the kennel now and then.

Other types of materials used in making kennels include plastic, wood, and rubber. If you substitute metal, you can go for a rubber or wooden crates.


5. Consider Ease Of Use 

When choosing a dog kennel for an aggressive dog, you should consider how easy it is to use by your dog and you, the dog owner.

Is it easy to lock and unlock? Is the door wide enough for your pet to get in and out comfortably? These are some questions to answer.

Furthermore, you might want to go for a dog crate that can comfortably fit in your car or a plane if you’re taking your aggressive pet on a journey.

Collapsible dog kennels are ideal because they can be easily transported and used in different places.


How To Make Your Pet Enjoy Its Kennel 

In some cases, putting an aggressive dog away in a kennel can make him more aggressive. You should aim to make your pet enjoy its kennel by keeping it happy, and there are several ways by which that can be achieved.

Your dog kennel should contain some of his favorite items. This could mainly be toys. This can also help if your dog is unwilling to get into the kennel. Rather than forcing him in, put some of his best toys inside and watch him fetch them. Lock the door once he’s in.

No matter how aggressive your dog is, he still deserves some love. From time to time, throw in some treats for him to enjoy and ensure you place his food on time. All these acts, if done continuously, will make your pet feel happier and less aggressive in his kennel.

See the video below on choosing a good pet travel kennel, see how to measure your dog, and more. Remember to stick to metal kennels as they are more suited for aggressive dogs.


It’s important to know how to choose a dog kennel for an aggressive dog if you own one. In this article, we’ve covered the top 5 tips to help you choose a good kennel for an aggressive dog

Also, remember that a kennel should feel like a safe space for your dog, so do your best to make sure your dog is comfortable and feels safe there. 

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Types Of Dog Kennels For Aggressive Dogs
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Types Of Dog Kennels For Aggressive Dogs
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