How To Stop Dog Separation Anxiety Effectively

In this article, you will learn how to stop dog separation anxiety effectively and get tips on how to break a dog’s separation anxiety so you never feel guilty or frustrated leaving your dog alone.

Unfortunately, many dogs are euthanized by owners who are unsure of what to do with a dog, which keeps barking or howling when they leave, destroying things in their absence, and essentially becoming a nuisance. 

These people do not understand that the dog is not disobedient; that the dog is most likely suffering from separation anxiety.

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Dogs tend to become nervous when they have to leave their owners or when they have to leave the house. 

Dogs are pack animals. As you are the dog owner, you are his pack. The dog also considers you the pack leader, and if he were in the wild with other dogs, he would follow the leader. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

how to break a dogs separation anxiety
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Therefore, if you leave him alone, he will feel lost and scared. The dog will also be fearful and anxious, which will make it unable to relax and express himself through whining, howling, or barking.

Also, loud noises may even scare the dog further. Remember, your dog cannot speak and tell you what is wrong. Their screaming and destructiveness are the only way to show their fear. 

As a dog owner, you can help her overcome this with patience and try out various strategies to alleviate dogs’ separation anxiety.

There are several techniques and treatments available for separation anxiety in dogs


How To Break A Dogs Separation Anxiety

The first way to treat separation anxiety in dogs is to help your pet get used to you, leaving him alone to relieve his/her anxiety. If your pet is scared of being left alone, he/she will want to stay by your side all the time, which is bad for both of you. 

When your dog is afraid of being left alone, it may become very agitated and refuse to participate in routine activities. This lack of participation can be the start of a very dangerous situation for your pet. If your dog is going through this form of anxiety, you should get it to calm down and to learn to cope with your absence as soon as possible.

To help your dog become accustomed to leaving you alone, you can play with him/her at times. Start by playing with your pet and then slowly move on to the next time to play with your dog. 

When used properly, this action is a great way to calm your dog down and help him/her deal with separation anxiety. When your dog is comfortable, calm, and at ease, it will be much easier to let him/her out of the house.

Also, see this article on how to calm a restless dog at night for even more effective calming strategies you can use on your dog and our post on the top 14 best dog collars to train a stubborn dog


Get A Good Dog Crate For Your Dog

To help your dog or puppy deal with this problem, you may want to try using a dog crate for separation anxiety. Using a crate helps dogs stay close to you but not with you at the same time. See the list of our best dog crates for a dog with separation anxiety here.

Another reason you need a crate is that it can also become a place of security and safety for your dog. It will also keep them from being afraid of being alone.

Try to find a room that you are comfortable in, a room that is not near a street or other traffic noises to put the dog and crate in. 

Whenever possible, buying a crate specifically designed for your dog’s size will help him feel more comfortable. You must have a large enough crate so that your dog can stretch its legs, lie down, and even sleep in the crate. Putting in it a beloved toy and something that smells like you will add to that comfort. Make sure food and water are accessible to your pet while in the crate. You may wish to see the best dog crate water bottles here if you do not already own one.

It can be quite challenging getting your dog into the crate and staying there if you do not know what you are doing. The crate should be a source of joy to go into and must not trigger any form of anxiety in the dog. 

Please read this article on crate training your dog for more information on how to break a dog’s separation anxiety as well as how to make your dog comfortable and happy in a crate. 

One important thing to note is to let it stay in there for just a few minutes at first. You have to be sure that you will return. You can gradually increase the duration as you feel more comfortable. Ensure you praise your dog every time it waits in silence. 

See this video for more dog tips on how to stop dog separation anxiety effectively.


Medication For Dog Separation Anxiety

If all other strategies fail, then you need to try medication for separation anxiety as they are quite effective. This medication helps a dog feel better about leaving you alone and may help alleviate some of their fears. 

The first step for getting the right medication will be to speak to your veterinarian and see if they can prescribe you a suitable anti-anxiety medication to give your dog when he needs to be away. You can also purchase calming dog treats or chews for your dog to keep him calm while you are away.

If the medication or treats does not help calm your dog get over his/her fear, you may want to consider discussing the situation with your veterinarian for suggestions on a stronger medication or alternative therapy.


Extreme Cases of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

You should also try to talk to your vet if you notice your dog’s behavior becoming aggressive or severely destructive. Your vet can help you find the problem and advise you about what you can do to improve your dog’s behavior. Sometimes, a veterinarian can refer you to someone who can help. Watch the video below for some more tips on separation anxiety.


A Final Note On Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Your dog cannot calm his fear. You are his security, and he feels lost without you. Give him some time and patience, and he will eventually learn to tolerate your absence. 

Your dog may not know how to deal with separation if you try to force it. Try to remember that you (the dog owner) are still the leader of the pack. You have to be the source of strength, stability, and direction for your dog.  

Be patient and stick firmly to the techniques you have learned on how to stop dog separation anxiety effectively. It may take some time, but you should see results.

There is no reason to quickly euthanize a healthy animal because it loves you so much that it misses you when you leave or go for a walk. Take the time to train instead; both of you will benefit from it.

I hope you found this useful. Please share with others as they may need this.

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How To Stop Dog Separation Anxiety Effectively
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