What Is The Best Dog Collar For Sensitive Skin And Necks

If you’re looking for a way to free your dog from sensitive skin problems, getting the best dog collar for sensitive skin is what you need. However, this can be difficult as you’ll see different kinds of dog collars in the market. 

The good news, however, is we’ve researched sensitive skin dog collars. We will be looking at the ten best options in the market that you can order online today. Also, if you would like to see our Best Overall option, you can go straight to the Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar dog collar on amazon. We chose this as the overall best as it has all the essential features such as style, comfort, adjustability, and more. It is adjustable, so it will also fit many dog breeds.

Best dog collar for sensitive skin and necks
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We have also provided a detailed sensitive skin dog collar buying guide on this page so you can learn more about how to choose a dog collar for a dog with sensitive skin and neck. The buying guide will explain several types of dog collars, the materials used to make these collars, getting the proper sizing for your dog, and other features to consider, such as adjustability and more. You can skip down if you want to read it now or get to it later after viewing the list of products.

Here are my top picks for collars for dogs with sensitive necks that are suitable for your needs: 


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What Is The Best Dog Collar For Sensitive Skin?


Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar

The Black Rhino comfort collar is a high-quality, heavy-duty, and yet lightweight dog collar. It is made with ultra-soft material with neoprene padding that is odor resistant and dries quickly. The stitching is reflective, so the collar stays visible when outdoors. The neoprene padding also makes the collar weatherproof.

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This dog collar comes in various sizes, including small, medium, large, and XL. The small size is up to 11 inches long, while the XL is 23 inches. Also, it’s available in up to 10 different color combinations.

Dogs of all breeds can wear this dog collar. It’s adjustable with a metal buckle. We love this product for its sturdiness and durability. 


  • Multiple colors  
  • Different sizes
  • Use in all weather
  • Neoprene padding for comfort
  • For all dog breeds 
  • Adjustable 
  • Reflective stitching

  • Single stitching



Bond Pet Products Durable Dog Collar

Bond is a very comfortable collar made with durable and easy to clean rubber material. It features a comfortable seamless design with a rust-resistant metal alloy buckle. As a rubber collar, this product is waterproof and doesn’t catch fur for hairy dogs. 

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The Bond Pet Products Durable Dog Collar weighs just 2.4 ounces and is available in 8 different colors. You can purchase it in Xsmall, Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge sizes. It’s comfortable for sensitive skin as it features no seams, stitches, or rivets. 

The collar is easy to clean and has a delightful smell. When you purchase this product, you get a lifetime guarantee from Bond Pet.


  • Seamless design 
  • Rust-resistant buckle 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Waterproof 
  • Lifetime guarantee 

  • Not many holes 
  • Not very flexible 



Metric USA Comfort Fit Soft Padded Dog Collar

Here we have a soft padded dog collar for dogs who weigh less than 25 lbs. it’s available in 5 different colors and three sizes – large, small, and medium. The collar is made with polyester material with a unique molded design and durable metal buckle. 

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There are pillow-soft pockets on the inside of the collar to keep your pet comfortable. You can easily adjust to fit your pet perfectly, and the multiple reinforced eyelets ensure that they stay in place. There’s a D-ring, so you can easily attach a dog leash. 

Metric backs this product with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. As a lightweight dog collar, it’s easy to clean and care for. 


  • Pillow soft pockets
  • Reinforced eyelets 
  • D-ring 
  • Durable metal buckle

  • Size may be too large 
  • Not for water 



GoTags Personalized Dog Collar

If you want something stylish, you can go for the GoTags Personalized Dog Collar. You order the collar with custom embroidery that features your pet name and, optionally, your phone number. The GoTags Personalized Dog Collar gives your pet comfort and safety. 

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You can purchase Xsmall, small, medium, or large sizes. All sizes are adjustable, and also, you can order in any color of your choice. The collar is made with nylon webbing with a stainless steel D-ring. Inside are smooth tapered edges that make it comfortable to wear. 

You can quickly put it on or take it off with the side-release buckle. Also, the GoTags Personalized Dog Collar is machine washable. 


  • Multiple color options 
  • Smooth tapered edges 
  • Personalization 
  • Easy side-release buckle 

  • Size may be too large 
  • Slider could cover the name tag



Blueberry Pet 7 Patterns Soft & Comfy Scottish Plaid Neoprene Padded Dog Collars

From Blueberry Pey, this is a plaid collar made with polyester canvas and neoprene material. Both materials provide softness and comfort. The high tensile force buckle is durable, and so is the D-ring for attaching leashes. 

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You can purchase this dog collar in 7 different plaid designs. It’s available in large, small, and medium sizes. There’s a dog loop attached to the Blueberry logo where you can hang tags, accessories, and others. There are no rough threads inside, so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. 

What we love about the Blueberry Pet Plaid Dog Collars includes the craftsmanship, lock feature, and sturdiness. 


  • High tensile buckle
  • Dog loop 
  • D-ring 
  • Soft material 

  • Colors may not match 
  • The buckle is a bit too big



Fuzzy Friends – Hemp Dog Collar

The Fuzzy Friends Hemp Dog Collar brand is made with sustainable hemp. However, it’s free of any added chemicals and harsh dyes. It’s a hypoallergenic dog collar designed exclusively for dogs with sensitive skin.

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The collar is available in medium, small, and large sizes and comes in different colors. Your pet will find this product to be very comfortable, thanks to the soft cotton lining. The natural hemp fiber makes it strong, while the reinforced stitching makes it durable. 

Your dog can use it in water, and although it’s absorbent, it’s resistant to smell. Furthermore, since hemp is organically grown, the material is easily renewable. 


  • Water absorbent
  • Smell resistant 
  • Reinforced sticker 
  • Natural hemp fiber 
  • No chemicals and harsh dyes

  • Not for very small dogs
  • Not for Xtra Large dogs 



Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar

Here’s another dog collar made with organic hemp material, which makes it eco-friendly. At 3.2 ounces, the dog collar is very lightweight. It’ll work for dogs of any size as it’s available in large, X-Large, small, and medium sizes. 

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The collar will last for use as hemp is durable, and it’ll help your pet with sensitive skin as hemp is hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the Baloo’s Chews Organic Hemp Dog Collar is lined with comfortable soft fleece. 

The soft fleece lining provides extra comfort. It’s natural and free from toxins. You’ll find the collar easy to care for as the hemp material is machine washable. 


  • Hemp material 
  • Soft fleece lining 
  • Free from toxins 
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic 

  • Not ideal for very strong dogs



BRONZEDOG Reflective Dog Collar 

If you need a soft padded dog collar, you can consider the BRONZEDOG Reflective Dog Collar brand. It’s made with soft nylon material and neoprene rubber material. As a result, this dog collar is very flexible and yet sturdy. 

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Bronzedog collars are available in different sizes, and all sizes are adjustable. You can easily adjust the length using the comfortable textile clasp. Other accessories the collar comes with include a plastic buckle, ID clip, and stainless steel D-ring.

The reflective feature will come in handy during evening and night walks as it makes your pet very visible and will help keep him safe.


  • Reflective 
  • Accessories 
  • Adjustable 
  • Flexible 
  • Multi color

  • Smell



Pawtitas Lumberjack Padded Martingale Collar for Dogs

The Pawtitas Lumberjack Padded Martingale Collar for Dogs has reflective properties and a range of color selections. It comes in a large range of sizes such as Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra large sizes for dogs of all stages. 

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The Pawtitas Lumberjack Padded Martingale Collar for Dogs is made with nylon which was folded and reinforced to be very durable. The inside of this pet collar is soft padded neoprene that is good for allergic dogs or dogs that quickly have irritations as it helps prevent skin irritation on your dog’s neck. 

As a martingale collar, you won’t find this product hard to use. The same goes for cleaning as it’s machine washable. 


  • Reflective collar 
  • Reinforced nylon material
  • Machine washable 
  • Durable 

  • Not ideal for smaller dogs 
  • Color fades



Joytale Reflective Dog Collar

You can get the Joytale Reflective Dog Collar in 12 different colors and five different sizes. It’s a comfortable and soft collar for your pet as it’s padded with soft neoprene material. 

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You can easily wear or take the collar off your pet, thanks to the quick-release buckle. The buckle is made with premium ABS material and is very sturdy. Also, there’s a Chrome D-Ring, so you can easily attach a leash or tags. 

We love the Joytale Reflective Dog Collar for its sturdiness, durability, and value for money. 


  • Soft neoprene padding 
  • Premium ABS buckle 
  • Chrome D-Ring 
  • Durable 
  • Reflective

  • Not very easy to adjust
  • Complains of colors not matching 


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Dog Collar For A Dog With Sensitive Skin

This buying guide will help you make an even more perfect choice. To start with, here are some important considerations when buying the best dog collar for sensitive skin. 


Collar Size 

If your dog’s collar is not well fit, your pet can easily run off the leash. The wrong collar size can also disrupt your training attempts. Don’t rely on ambiguous sizing labels to pick the right collar size. Instead, measure your dog’s neck and check the collar’s size in inches. 

Cute fluffy dog in dog collar
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You can measure your dog’s neck in two ways; A flexible measuring tape is the easiest way to go. Simply wrap the tape over your dog’s neck and rest it loosely over his neck. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, a rope and a ruler will do as the second alternative. 

Measure twice. If you get different results, repeat the measurements to get the most exact. Furthermore, when fitting your dog’s flat collar, two fingers should fit between the dog’s body and the collar for space.

For adjustable collars, you should measure from the size small to large. Such collars are wonderful for growing puppies, shedding dogs, and dogs with thick double coats that shed seasonally. If your dog is still growing, adjustable collars will save you money. 


Collar Type 

You should consider your dog’s everyday activities before selecting a collar type. For example, you may need one for training, walking, and others. Knowing the difference between collar types will help you select the best. 


Standard Dog Collars  

The most common dog collars are standard collars. These are simply collars, and many dog owners consider them the most comfortable dog collars. Nevertheless, they’re best for dogs that don’t pull and can stay off-leash

There are also different types of standard dog collars, including: 

1. Basic Collars

These are usually nylon or leather collars with plastic or metal buckles. They come in many styles, patterns, and materials and can be worn all day and at night. A simple collar isn’t very fancy; you can replace it whenever your dog outgrows it. 


2. LED Collars 

These collars have LED lights and reflective materials. They’re ideal for walking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The advantage of the LED light is that you – and others – can easily see your dog when it’s dark. Alternatively, you can also get attachable lights or reflectors for a basic collar. 


3. Waterproof Collars

Outdoor summer activities and pets that live in wetter climes require waterproof collars. Waterproof collars are relatively gentle. Your dog can wear them all day or simply whenever it rains or for activities that involve water. 

If you own a dog who enjoys swimming, then you must consider a waterproof collar. This style of collar is not only waterproof but also bacterial resistant and easy to clean. Hence, waterproof collars last longer than nylon or leather collars. 

However, waterproof collars aren’t designed to stop tugging or train, so use them like regular collars. 


Training collars 

You use training collars to teach dogs better habits and keep them under control in certain situations. Training collars come in a variety of sizes and styles. If you’re unsure how to safely use a training collar, do some research, or see a trainer, so you don’t harm your pet

Dog wearing dog training collar
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Check out some of the popular training collar types of dog collars:


1. Martingale Collars 

Martingale collars are the most comfortable and safest type of training collars. This collar is designed to tighten slightly when your dog pulls but then loosen easily when your dog walks properly. 

They are usually made with nylon material with a little stretch of light chain coiled between two metal rings. The chain is replaced by a single fabric piece in other types. This type of collar helps long-haired dogs avoid shedding. They are also ideal for dogs with slim necks as they are usually lightweight. 


2. Prong Collars 

A prong collar is an upgrade from the regular choke chain. Like a martingale collar, a prong collar has a row of dull prongs that lie flush against your dog’s neck. In addition, there’s a short-chain loop that tightens and slightly pinches the tough skin on your dog’s neck and scruff. 

This type of training collar is usually for stubborn dogs that pull. However, they are ideal for larger dogs with thicker neck skin. Prong collars should be your last resort if your pet doesn’t respond to other types of training collars. 


3. Shock-Free, Anti-Bark Collars 

These are not your standard training collar for addressing improper habits. Their primary use is to stop excessive barking. A shock-free anti-bark collar can have a remote or be without a remote. 

Collars without remote include sensors on the neck that detect barking and vocal cord movement. You can also use these collars for more than just barking. This style of collar comes in numerous forms; spray collars and vibration collars are the two most common.

Spray collars are the most intrusive and irritating, but they work well for serial barkers. They feature strongly scented citronella or unscented spray to distract your dog and stop undesired behavior. The vibration and ultrasonic collar options either vibrate gently or emit a sound that you can’t hear but your dog can. 


4. Shock Collars  

Shock collars are very controversial. Some consider them as brutal punishment, while others see them as a useful tool for more serious misbehaviors. However, most people use it wrongly. You alone can determine if you’ll need such a collar depending on how your pet behaves.

I won’t recommend shock collars if you need sensitive skin dog collars. Shock collars, like remote and bark control collars, feature prongs that must be snug against your dog’s neck. These nodes detect vocal cord movement in non-remote-controlled collars and send an electric impulse through them. 


Material Type

The material type is one of the most important factors when purchasing dog collars for sensitive necks. Dog collars are made with a variety of materials, each with advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common ones you’ll come across and their differences. 



Nylon collars are the standard, multi-purpose collars for dogs. Hence, most dog collars are nylon collars. This type has a huge variety of designs, colors, sizes, and also qualities. Nylon is cheaper than most other materials, which is its main advantage. However, nylon collars can be difficult to clean. 



Neoprene is a soft, flexible rubbery material reinforced with nylon webbing to make it more durable. This type of collar (Neoprene) is great for dogs who spend a lot of time in the water. Although they aren’t waterproof, they are cleaner and not easily prone to odors like regular nylon collars. 

Best dog collars for sensitive necks padded dog collar
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Neoprene is comfortable, just like nylon. Your dog can easily wear a neoprene collar all day. However, Neoprene can be expensive and is relatively heavier than nylon. 



Chain collars are usually made with stainless steel. They are a heavier but more durable collar material. If your dog is rough, a chain collar can help you save money on purchasing new collars all the time. 

These collars are also very easy to clean. However, metal may not be the best if your dog has sensitive skin. Also, poor-quality metals can tarnish or rust; colored ones will fade over time.



Leather dog collars offer both style and function. These are classic dog collars since they are very durable. Undoubtedly, quality leather collars are more expensive but will last for years. 

Leather collars come in flat and rolled styles. Rolled leather collars are highly recommended for dogs with thick hair that easily mat. When buying a leather collar for your dog, make sure it is genuine leather and not bonded leather. 

Bonded leather is made from real leather scraps bound together with a bonding agent. Such bonded leather may look and feel like genuine leather, but it is inferior in quality. There are also leather padded dog collars you can buy for even more comfort.


Faux Leather 

Faux leather (a different type of leather), also known as vegan leather or pleather, is a cheap material used in many cheap dog collars. While these collars are inexpensive and more fashionable than leather, they are not as durable. 



Biothane Collars are ideal for dogs that enjoy swimming. The material is a non-toxic polyester webbing powder-coated with polyurethane or polyvinyl materials. It is a cheaper and softer alternative to Neoprene and leather. Biothane is a durable material that will not break down easily. 


Other Features To Consider 

Here are other collar features you may have to look out for: 



Choosing a buckle style is often a matter of personal taste. The plastic buckles on the collars are easier to put on and take off but can become brittle in cold temperatures and lose quality when exposed to outside elements like sun and rain. 

Metal buckles are more durable and secure. They are most suitable for dogs that chew their collars or for dogs that pull more. 



With a growing dog, dogs with thick undercoats that shed, or dogs losing weight, an adjustable collar can save you a lot of money. The largest size ranges are available in nylon, neoprene, and plastic snap collars. 

Dog wearing an adjustable dog collar and anti itch collar
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Leather and biothane usually have a limited range of adjustability due to the use of a metal buckle. The collar can be adjusted for as long as the notches allow.




Q: Can dog collars cause skin irritation?

A: Dog collars can cause skin irritation if they are too tight or even moderately tight. A tight collar causes your pet to lose hair which exposes the skin in that area, making it prone to irritation and other infections. 

However, dogs with sensitive skin quickly get skin irritations, and genetics is the leading cause of sensitive skin in dogs.


Q: What is the most comfortable material for a dog collar?

A: Nylon is famous as the most comfortable and standard material for dog collars. Nylon collars consist of soft, durable webbing that provides maximum comfort for your dog. Many dogs do not mind wearing a nylon collar all day since they are so comfortable, making them ideal for everyday use.


Q: Why does my dog growl when I touch his collar?

A: This is called collar sensitivity. Mishandling is usually the cause of collar sensitivity. When a dog owner becomes enraged by a dog’s misbehavior, they may drag the dog by the collar and hurl it into a garage, basement, or away from a specific place.

Hand holding a dog by the collar
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After several repetitions, the dog may detest and growl when grabbed by the collar.


Bottom Line 

All the products selected are high-quality, durable products. You’ll have to settle for at least one product from this list of the best dog collar for sensitive skin. 

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Therefore, I would recommend the Black Rhino comfort collar as the overall best. The product has everything, including style, durability, and soft padding.

Remember to measure your dog’s neck so you can get the correct length of dog collar for your dog. Furthermore, you can get it here at a great price. 

I hope you enjoyed our sensitive skin dog collars reviews. Do pin and share with your friends.


Anti itch collar for dogs with sensitive skin
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