How to Train a Puppy to Come When Called

Puppies need to learn how to behave while they are still young. One of the most important skills they need to learn is coming when called. Some trainers would refer to this as recall training. This training is important to build the bond between you and your pet.

However, it is not easy to train a puppy to come. Most dog owners would hire professional trainers to do it, but you can save money. In this article, I’ll be sharing simple tips on how to train a puppy to come when called

How to Train a Puppy to Come When Called
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1. Give Your Puppy a Name

The first step to take is to name your dog. While you can say “come” to your puppy, your training will be more effective when you say your pet’s name before it. That way, your pet will know you are talking to them.

Give Your Puppy a Name
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It’s important to give your puppy a simple name. Be sure to choose a name that’ll be easy to learn. A hack is to stick with two syllables and pick a name that ends with a vowel. Also, don’t pick a name that sounds like a command. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

When you’ve got a suitable name, start training by calling out the name at any chance you get.


2. Get Rid of Distractions

Choose a good time to call your pet. Your pet is less likely to respond during meals or playing with a toy. In other words, your pet is more likely to come when nothing distracting is happening.

Get Rid of Distractions During Dog Training
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So, before starting each training session, you need to remove all forms of distractions. If you’re training indoors, turn off the TV and radio, then reduce your phone volume. Also, remove pet toys and games, if any. It’ll be best to find a secluded location with just the two of you in the room.

For outdoor dog training, pick a quiet space without distractions such as moving cars or other animals.

3. Use Dog Treats to Motivate 

If you’re holding your pets’ favorite treats, you’ll entice them to come to you whether you call them or not. So, including treats in your training sessions makes the task very easy. 

Use Dog Treats to Motivate During Dog Training
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Hold a treat, call your pet’s name, and say, “come.” 

As your puppy turns to you, show the treat to grab attention, and when your pet comes, let them have it. 

With time and repetition, your puppies will understand that you will give a treat when you call their name, so they will come running.

Gradually change the reward from treats to stroking as they get used to it.

Treats are also great for training puppies to stop barking and biting before it becomes a habit. See our posts on how to stop a puppy biting and how to train a puppy to stop barking for more information. 

4. Play Calling Games 

To make training sessions fun for your pet, you should include games. You can play several calling games, but “Hide and Seek” is the best game.

Play Calling Games With Your Dog
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Again, you can use treats to draw attention. As your puppy walks towards you, run to a different room, and find somewhere to hide. Call out your puppy’s name again and urge your pet to come. Your dog will follow the sound of your voice and the smell of the treats to locate you. 

Dogs naturally love to hunt, so your pet will find this exciting. When your dog finds you, give a reward by giving a treat or verbal praise. 

If you love playing these games, you may be interested in our post on brain training for dogs review. The post will show you how to train your dog to do tricks using games.

5. Train Repeatedly 

According to various studies conducted, puppies have short attention spans. Therefore, it can take some time for them to learn something successfully. 

Train Repeatedly
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If you want to succeed on how to train a puppy to come when called, you’ll have to teach repeatedly. It would help if you made time to train your dog every day. Each training session should not last more than 15 minutes.

In addition, practice at every chance you get, aside from during training sessions. For example, you can call your pet to come when it’s time to eat, bathe, go out, sleep, etc. 

6. Rule Out Medical Problems 

This step is optional, but we advise this to keep you on the safe side. Your puppy may not be responding to your calls because of various medical conditions.

Rule Out Medical Problems 
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An example of this is when a pet has a hearing problem. Many puppies suffer from ear infections which can cause such problems. 

Therefore, rather than concluding that your pet is impossible to train, take your pup to your vet for an examination. If detected on time, treating a medical problem will be easier, so your pet doesn’t go deaf entirely. 

Finally, watch the video below for even more tips on training your dog to come when you call.


It’s always a good thing when your pet can understand you, and what better way than responding to your calls. I have listed some top tips on how to train a puppy to come when called

Follow these tips, and in no time, your puppy will understand their name and come running anytime you call. 

Also, see our post on how to train a dog to greet visitors and the best dog training collar to stop whining for more tips.

Be sure to share this post on teaching a puppy to come with all your friends.

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How to Train a Puppy to Come When Called Tips
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