Which Type of Dog Food Is Best? Dry or Wet?

Which Type of Dog Food Is Best?
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Which Type Of Dog Food Is Best? Dry Dog Food or Wet Food?

Do you want to provide your dog with a longer and happier life? Caring for your dog is the most important part of preserving your dog’s health and knowing which type of dog food is best for your dog is very important.

If you feed your dog unhealthy food then you can expect health problems in the near future. On the other hand, if you feed your dog with good food then you can expect a healthy, strong, and happy pet.

I bet you want a healthy, strong, and happy pet, right? Which dog food is best? If you see some of my posts here then you might be familiar that I suggest dehydrated dog food, why? Dry and wet dog foods are full of unhealthy ingredients.

I regularly search for the healthiest and the best dog food brands that will preserve your dog’s health and extend its life. In my search, I have encountered hundreds of unhealthy dry and wet dog food brands.

This leads me to the conclusion that it is best to go for dehydrated dog food as I have seen fewer problems with this so far. Here are five reasons why I beg you to avoid dry and wet products and choose dehydrated dog food instead:


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Reason number 1: Analysis of the Ingredients In The Dog Food.

Dehydrated dog foods do not contain wheat, corn, soy, and meat by-products.

Why would I even talk about these ingredients? They are unhealthy and cause bloat, diabetes, allergic reactions, and pancreatitis. You are in charge of your dog’s health so you need to choose what is right for them.


Reason number 2: Obesity problems caused by dog foods.

Dry dog foods are full of fats and plant-based proteins that make your dog fat, week, and powerless. On the other hand, dehydrated dog foods are full of meat and animal-based proteins that make your dog strong.

Obesity is a serious problem even for dogs as it leads to heart problems which I am sure you want to avoid. Aside from the dangers to your dog you will incur more vet bills and will have to go through the pain of watching your dogs in pain.


Reason 3: Method of Production Of The Dog Food.

Ingredients in dry products are cooked at high temperatures. This preparation method can cause the creation of cancerous components. As you probably know cancerous components can cause cancers in dogs and in many cases it is the end for your pet.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog healthy, and taking steps to lower the risk of cancers is just one of the things you have to do. The raw diet is the key to reducing the risk and dehydrated foods contain minimally processed ingredients so they stay fresh, raw, and healthy for dogs.


Reason number 4: Proteins to fats and fiber levels in the Dog food.

The optimal rates are for consumption are Proteins to fats 1/2 and Proteins to fibers 1/4.

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Well, dry dog foods usually contain a lot of fats and fibers. Also, protein levels are up to 30%. On the other hand, dehydrated dog foods contain up to 50% of proteins, and because the meat is the main ingredient and also the amounts of fats and fibers are very low. Sounds good, does it? This is just one more reason why you should stop feeding your lovely and loyal dog with dry and wet dog food and opt for dehydrated dog food instead when you can.


Reason number 5: Dangerous ingredients contained in the dog food.

In my examination, I found in dry and wet foods sometimes contain artificial colors and preservatives that are very dangerous for dog health and cause cancers in dogs. The dangerous colors I found are yellow #6 and yellow #5 that contain benzidine an organic compound that studies proclaimed is carcinogenic.

The dangerous preservatives I found are: First. BHT – cause cancers in dogs. Second. Carrageenan – cause allergic reactions, skin problems, and organ failure. Third. Sodium tripolyphosphate – skin problems.

In my search for the healthiest and the best dog food, I saw that dehydrated products contain only natural vitamin E as a preservative. This is just another reason why you should opt for dehydrated dog food when you can.



I hope I have been able to show you which type of dog food is the best and the most important reasons why they are. At this point, I also want to say not all dry foods are bad but the dehydrated options are just much better and safer for your dogs. Wet dog foods are also good but they tend to be more expensive to feed your dog on a regular basis so go for dehydrated whenever you can. So take care and remember it’s your responsibility to keep your pets healthy!

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Which Type of Dog Food Is Best Dry Wet
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Which Type of Dog Food Is Best Dry Wet
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