10 Tips On Choosing A Name For Your Cat

Were you looking for tips on choosing a name for your cat? We have some great ones for you in this article.

Picking the right name for your cat is important as the name becomes a major part of its identity.

According to National Geographic, research by a psychologist at Tokyo’s Sophia University shows that cat knows their names and will respond even when called by a stranger.

Tips On Choosing A Name For Your Cat
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While some cat owners will just pick any of the most popular cat names, it’s best to be a bit more creative and give your cat a name that fits her personality.

Here are ten tips on how to choose a name for a cat;

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1. Know Your Cat

There are different cat breeds in the world, and each breed exhibits different characteristics. Cats of the same breeds also differ in individual characteristics. While some cats are quiet, easily trained, and somewhat inactive, others are very playful and loud. Some cats are even ferocious and like to bite and attack.

Hence, you shouldn’t pick a name before getting your cat. When your cat comes, give it some time and notice how it behaves, then you can get an idea of what to call it based on that.


2. Consider Appearance 

How does your cat look? Does it have thick fur, black coat, large ears, dotted coat? These are ideal things to consider when deciding on a name.

For example, if your cat has a white coat, you might want to consider names like snow, angel, etc. If you can get a name that blends your cats’ appearance and behavior, it’s best as it will sound not just interesting but appropriate.


3. Consider Your Favorite Characters On TV

Is there a particular movie or TV character you love? You can name your pet after them. Superhero names are great for cats, especially male cats. You could go for names like spidey, flash, Spartacus, etc.

Aside from fictional characters, you can pick a name after a real person. This could be any of your favorite celebrities or family members that have passed away.


4. Consider Special Places 

When looking for a name for a cat places that hold special memories in your heart can be great name inspirations for your pet.

For example, if you and your partner are getting a family cat, you can name it after the city where you met, got married, had your honeymoon, etc.

Get a bit more creative and unique by narrowing it down to the particular street, hotel, lounge, etc. where these events happened.


5. Study The Cat Breed 

Each cat breed has a history from which you can draw inspiration for a name. This ties your cat to its’ roots, and all that is needed to get this type of name is just a little research.

For instance, if your cat breed originated from Egypt, you might want to give it related names like Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Menhit, Bastet, etc.


6. Avoid Command-like Names 

Your cat’s name shouldn’t sound like a command. Else, your cat would feel you’re telling it to do something rather than calling it.

Every cat owner knows that cats can be quite stubborn and chose to ignore your commands when they feel like.

For example, names like Tom, Rum sounds a lot like come. Also, a name like Zoe or Joe may sound like no to the cat.


7. Watch The Syllables 

This is one of the most important tips on choosing a name for your cat. The shorter the name, the better it is as it makes it easier for you to pronounce.

Also, your cat will easily recognize and respond to a shorter name than a long one. Names that consist of one or two syllables are best.


8. Get Your Pets’ Advice 

You can get advice from your cat on what name it will love. Although not literally, but, it can be useful.

Make a list of all the cat names you’ve come up with and call them to your pet one after the other. Watch her reaction to each name.

You can decipher the name they like from their body reaction or the noise they make when you call the name. This can help you pick a great name for your cat.


9. Use A Cat Name Generator

Cat name generators are a great way to save time if you’re finding it difficult coming up with one. There are several of them on the internet.

These generators can give you creative names from your cat characteristics like color, gender, pattern type, size, and intellect.


10. Use A Cat Name List 

If you can’t seem to come up with a name for your cat, you can get one from a cat name list. We kept this tip till last because it is less creative, but it still works great.

Simply search for a list of cat names in the USA or any country you’re in and weigh the options. It’s still important to look up the meaning of a name before deciding on it.

See this video with more tips on choosing a good cat name.



Naming your cat can be a challenge, especially when you don’t want to go with any random name you come across. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to take the time to find a good name for your cat that you and her would like.

We hope these 10 tips on choosing a name for your cat will help you get the best name. A name that will grow with your cat and that you and your cat will both love. Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share this post if you found it useful.


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Choosing a cat name
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