25 Cat Facts For Cat Owners

Cats are very interesting unique independent creatures.

Here are some facts all cat owners need to know about their cats

25 Amazing Facts About Cats You Should Know!

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Cats prefer their cat food served at body temperature. This is because of their natural instincts to eat their freshly killed prey immediately.

They also prefer their food cut into one-half inch chunks especially when they are sick and need to be cajoled into eating as they lack appetite.



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Here is a secret, sixty percent of cats love taking tomato juice when it’s cold. We sometimes use this trick to entice kidney failure cats to drink more liquids.



Also, did you know that cats are either right or left-handed showing a distinct preference for one paw over the other?



The domestic feline can reach speeds up to 31 miles hour but can’t maintain that sprinting speed for more than a minute.



When the weather is hot, cats have a way of keeping cool by licking their fur.

Just like Dogs, they have limited options to sweat as they can only do that through the pads of their feet.




Cat whiskers are specially adapted to navigate to detect movement. Also checking the width of opening whiskers are also an indicator of mood. For example, when the whiskers are back the cat is angry.



Cat’s ears are quite flexible and can rotate up to 180 degrees.

This is because they have as much as 32 ear muscles in each ear that allows easier movement.

Humans have only six muscles so it’s harder to make our ears twist and wiggle.

Cat ears can also indicate moods as when the ears are facing back or when they are folded down, it can be an indicator that they are really angry.



A cat’s fur has a lot of hair. They have 60,000 hair strands per square inch on their back and as much as 120,000 hair strands on their underside.

It is then not a surprise that cat owners like us have to continually empty our vacuum bags as it fills up fast.



Cat shedding is controlled by hormones and ambient temperature as well as light even artificial light.

Nervous cats shed more especially when they get stuffed into a carrier and hold off to the vet’s office.



Felines are highly territorial. A domesticated cat’s territory encompasses 150 acres but they don’t see to mind sharing as their acres are intertwined.



We all know cats can leap quite far and the fact they seem to always land on their feet is quite amazing.

However, if you were to transfer their ability to leap to a human, the human will have the capacity to jump the entire distance of a real swimming pool.



When it comes to the sense of smell, humans have 5 million sensitive cells in their noses while cats have 200 million.

This, of course, means that they can smell when you don’t clean the litter box every day and will inappropriately urinate.



Cats have very different sleep habits from humans. A healthy mature cat spends about

  • 15% of its life in deep sleep
  • 50% in light sleep and
  • 30% in awake time.

Unfortunately part of this awake time coincides with the human’s sleep time.

This is why your cat tends to wake you at odd hours by doing odd things to you, like running around or sticking her paw in your mouth as she expects you to be up as well.



When it comes to Milk-drinking, just like a lot of humans out there with lactose intolerance, most adult felines lack the enzymes necessary to digest milk.

If you must give your cat milk, be sure to give them only a couple of teaspoons at a time as too much milk definitely gives them gas and sometimes diarrhea.

It’s also good to coordinate the milk giving ceremony with your partner or family so that they don’t get the benefits of double sipping.



Concerning a cat’s diet, neutered and spayed cats require fewer calories than intact animals.

A good rule of thumb is three-quarter cups per cat per day for lower quality foods and one-third cup per day for the higher-quality foods such as AIIMS max cat and nutria nuggets.



Is your cat overweight? Do you know that trying to put your overweight feline on a little to nothing (starvation) meal plan or diet can kill them?

This because the liver fat breaks down too fast causing a condition called ketosis skin disease. If you need to help your cats lose weight do it safely by following the cat weight loss tips here.



Sometimes if cats have problems it can show in their food preference.

Cats with skin disease like fish flavors in food

Other Felines with kidney and liver disease like giblet and chicken or foods with liver and kidney in them and

Even more Felines with heart disease like heart-based foods.

If the disease condition is repaired, they tend to stop eating that particular flavor of food.



A cats hearing is really amazing.

We humans can only hear noise or sound up to as high as 20,000 in Hertz cycles in a second.

While Dogs can hear up to 40,000 Hertz and

Our amazing Cats can hear up to a mega 100,000 Hertz.

Cats can even hear electrical curds and cord.

Certain Chinese breeds of felines have been even been trained and used successfully to predict upcoming earthquakes for many years cause of this natural gift.


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Did you know that cats are colorblind but only need 1/6 of the light that humans are required to see with?



Here’s an interesting fact about cat digits.

Cats have a certain number of toes. They have 5 on the front paws and 4 on the back paws.

There is a type of cat known as the polydactyl cat which has more than the usual number of toes.

Poly means many and dactyl means fingers.

The words take their origin in Latin.


Polydactyls are known by various names like:

  • Mitten cat’s thumb
  • Cats 6 fingers and more.



Have you heard about cats and Hemingway?

Hemingway cats were named after Ernest Hemingway who shared his home island with nearly 50 cats including a six-toed polydactyl given to him by a ship captain.

The animals bred together and the unique polydactyl trait became quite common.

Hemingway’s colony of cats were allowed free breeding with the local cats and this helped to increase the ratio of polydactyl cats vs normal toes cats to a total of about 50/50.

There is a high rate of polydactyl in Boston MA and in Portland OR Isle of polydactyl cats as they seem to be very friendly and tolerant of humans of all ages



A single pair of cats and their offspring can produce as many as 20,000 offspring in just seven years



Cats like to hear whispering.

The cat has 26 facial expressions to convey various emotions.

What you didn’t know is that it is the same areas in the feline and the human brain that corresponds to emotion.



Cats show the following signs when stressed.

  • Over-grooming
  • Lack of grooming
  • Self-mutilation
  • Vocalization
  • Aggression
  • Listlessness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Stop using the litter box

The product have leeway is an excellent product to alleviate the stress involved with new situations or in multi-cat environments where they don’t have enough space to make them feel comfortable

Feli whey is a synthetic feline pheromone use to control inappropriate urine marking behavior and to reassure cats in strange surroundings



Finally a fact on Cat communication.

Don’t smile at a cat showing your teeth. They see it as an act of aggression and you may not get the results you expect!

This may be one reason why a cat will always go to the person who hates them as they don’t smile at the animal or make direct eye contact.

I hope you enjoyed reading these cats’ facts that every cat owner should know. Don’t forget to Pin and share this post. Check out more cat articles below.

cat facts for cat owners who love cats
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cat facts for cat owners who love cats
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