How To Apologize To A Cat: 6 Easy Steps to Say Sorry

Do you feel like you have offended your cat in one way or the other? If yes, you should find a way to apologize to your pet so you can get along once again. The problem, however, is that not many cat owners know the proper steps on how to say sorry to a cat. If you’re in that category, here’s how to apologize to a cat the right way;

How to apologize to a cat
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1. Determine The Cause Of The Problem

If you’re going to get your cat to forgive you, you have first to figure out what you did wrong. You can do many things to offend your pet, and the offense will determine how easy or hard it will be to forgive.

Some of these offenses could include not giving your cat enough attention, making fun of your cat, not feeding your pet on time, physically punishing your cat, removing yor cat from her favorite space, and so on. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

It can be challenging to understand what wrong you did, but it’ll be easier to know cat body language. That way, you’ll be able to read your cat immediately when she starts showing signs of anger.


2. Apologize At The Right Time 

Going to apologize to your pet immediately you offend your cat can make things worse. You have to apologize at the right time. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should wait too long before apologizing, as it could make it seem like you don’t care. Generally, don’t try to table your apology when your cat is still showing signs of anger. 

Give your pet a bit of space to exhaust the anger and target your apology when your cat is a bit calm and relaxed. That’s an ideal time to approach a cat you have offended. If you attempt approaching your cat and your pet turns or tries to get away, you should let your cat be. 


3. Talk To Your Cat Using A Calm Voice 

When you find your pet in a relaxed state, carefully approach, so she doesn’t get agitated. Then, try talking to her slowly and with a calm voice; say sweet words, soothing words that your pet will love to hear.

Your cat might not understand what you are saying but hearing your calm voice is enough for her to buy your apology. This technique will be most effective if your cat understands her name and responds to commands. In this case, call your cat by name and talk to her as if she were a little child. 


4. Touch And Stroke Your Cat

One of the steps you can take on how to apologize to a cat involves petting your cat and stroking her coat. When you do this, you show her that you care about her. That’s one of the things you need to do till she starts feeling happy with you again.

How to say sorry to a cat
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When you talk to your pet, gently touch and stroke your cat in places where she enjoys, some of these places in cats include behind the ears, on the back, head, belly, cheek, and under the cheek. 

If your pet seems to be enjoying it, then you can go further by cradling your pet and giving a few kisses. Everything you do should be slow; you shouldn’t rush. This is one of the steps you can take on how to make a cat love you, check out the post for more info.


5. Engage Your Cat

As your pet is loosening up a bit, try to engage her in something. It could be a play or any other activity that will take her attention away from the fact that she’s angry. Playing with your cat is even more effective if your pet is mad because you’re not giving her enough attention. 

Playing with a cat
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Try to grab her attention using a pointer or clicker, then begin playing with her. It’ll be better if you’ve got some interactive cat toys at home. 

Another ideal thing to do is to play some music. According to research conducted by various organizations, cats enjoy listening to music, although there’s no particular preference on the type. Use a small device that plays music at a low volume, and your cat will turn attention towards it. 


6. Give Your Cat Her Favorite Stuff 

Finally, you can get your pet to forgive you by ‘bribing’ her with what she loves. The most effective here is treats. Get your pet’s favorite treats and hold them around her. If she wants some, she’ll have no option but to come around you. 

While feeding her treats, you can use the previous tips, such as stroking her and talking to her with a calm voice. Treats are not the only option. You can also use your pets’ favorite toys. This will your cat feel happy.


Bottom Line

As a cat owner, you should make an effort to observe and understand your cat’s body language, as it’ll help you know when your pet is angry with you. In such a situation, apply the tips on how to apologize to a cat that I outlined in this article and get your pet to forgive you. 

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How to apologize to your feline friend
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