9 Typical Things Cat Owners Do That Can Break A Cat’s Heart

Do you love your cat? If yes, then you wouldn’t want to break his heart. You should instead want to make your furry friend happy and content. However, while you might not have had any plan to do so, there are everyday things you do that still breaks your pet’s heart. Some of them you do intentionally, others not intentionally. 

Nevertheless, here are nine typical things cat owners do that can break a cat’s heart; 

Things Cat Owners Do That Can Break A Cat’s Heart
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1. Turning Off The Lights With Your Pet All Alone

This action may seem ironic considering that cat eyes adjust to the darkness. However, turning off the lights and leaving the room dark is an un-cool thing to do, especially if you own a kitten. 

Cat alone in dark room
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Your cat isn’t afraid of the darkness. Cats, especially kittens, can be scared of being alone. While he won’t be scared, it’ll seem to him that you’re not there and he’s on his own. See our post on how to train a cat to stay indoors.


2. Not Giving Your Pet Attention

Of course, your pet cannot be happy with you if you’re not giving him the much-needed attention. Cats are independent animals, but they sometimes demand love from their owners. 


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Ignoring a cat
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This need for love is why experts recommend that you include playtime in your pet’s daily schedule. Your pet needs at least 10 minutes of your undivided attention daily; that’s not too much to give. Doing this can make a cat happy.


3. Not Cleaning The Litter Box Frequently

One of the reasons pet owners prefer cats over dogs is that cats are very clean animals. So, if you have a cat as a pet, it’s essential to keep up with the cleanliness. 

Cat using a litter box
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When you leave the litter box unkempt, you’re doing the opposite, and your pet wouldn’t be happy. If the litter box is not clean, your pet will try to hold it in, which can cause certain health complications. Alternatively, your pet could use other areas you won’t like as a new litter box!


4. Not Grooming Your Cat On Time

Still, on cleanliness, you must have noticed that your cat grooms himself a lot. According to SPCA, they do this for at least 5 hours a day. However, your cat cannot do everything on its own. 

For example, they cannot trim their hair when it’s overgrown or conveniently trims their nails. If you don’t do these things when due, you’ll be breaking your pet’s heart.

See our top posts on the best cat clippers for matted fur and how to groom a cat with matted hair for some useful grooming tips.


5. Not Feeding Your Cat On Time

You should not leave your cat hungry, but unfortunately, it’s one of the typical things cat owners do that can break a cat’s heart. Your pet might be eating the required number of meals per day but, is he doing it at the right time?

Cat unable to reach food
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Always look for signs that your pet is hungry and feed him immediately. If you aren’t around, you can place the food within his reach. If cost is a concern, then see our post on the best quality affordable dry cat food for excellent food options for your cat.  Also, see our post on how to make frozen treats for cats to give your cat a nice tasty treat.


6. Shouting At Your Cat

It would be best if you never shouted or screamed at your cat. If your pet does something wrong, yelling won’t help as your pet cannot understand the reason behind your shouts. 

Shouting at a cat
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To your cat, you’re just being unfriendly, and if it’s a kitten, he could get terrified. Adult cats, on the other hand, might react aggressively. 


7. Physically Punishing Your Cat

Just as shouting isn’t advisable, physical punishment like slapping, kicking, flogging, etc., isn’t advisable. Physical punishment is way worse than shouting because you’re inflicting pain on him, and he won’t be ok with that.

If you want your pet to fear and hate you, go ahead and hit him. Physical punishment is an easy way to break your bond, and in self-defense, your pet can attack you and bite you. Speaking of punishment, watch the video below to see some frustrating moments experienced by cat owners like you.

8. Ignoring Your Kitty In Pain

Is your pet sick? Does he have any injury? In such situations, the right thing to do is ensure he has all the help he needs. It would be best if you didn’t ignore him. 

Ignoring his pain will only mean one thing to him: you don’t care about him. What could be more heartbreaking? 

Cat at Vet
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Take your pet to the vet if you feel she is down or you notice any unusual changes in behavior. Check out the best cat carriers here to help you transport your pet to the vet. If your veterinarian administers treatment ensure your pet gets it on time. Check out how to give a cat medication easily for more tips.


9. Teasing Your Cat

Teasing doesn’t sit well with cats. They respond just like a kid would, in anger. Your cat will think you’re bullying him when you tease him with what he wants—for example, a toy or treat. 

Teasing a cat
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To cats, teasing isn’t very far from bullying. Unless your cat is in the mood and happy to play along, you should drop the act. 

See a few more in the video below.


Final Notes

There you go; some typical things cat owners do that can break a cat’s heart. Whether you do these things intentionally or not, what’s important is that you stop. Breaking your cats’ heart will only make him keep his distance from you. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to do the opposite of the nine things listed out. Instead of breaking your pet’s heart, you should be showing more affection. According to WikiHow, there are many proven ways to do this. Also, see our post on how to make a cat happy for more help.

If you have already offended your cat, see this article on how to say sorry to a cat to help you get back to normal.

Finally, if you enjoyed this post on things cat owners do, be sure to share it with others.

Things Cat Owners Do That Can Break A Cat’s Heart
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