How To Train A Kitten To Wear A Collar

In this article, we shall be discussing how to train a kitten to wear a collar. If you have a kitten, there are many reasons why you would want to put her on a collar. You might be looking for how to get kitten used to collar with bell for example. A collar with a bell could alert you if she was going further than she is supposed to.

How to train a kitten to wear a collar
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You might also need a simple flea collar to prevent ticks and fleas on your kitten as ticks on smaller pets can be very dangerous and even result in death if the infestation is very bad.

However, some kittens can be very stubborn and attempt to tear off any collar you put on them. They can try to tug on it, scratch it off, and more if they are not used to having anything on their necks.

It’s common because cats are very curious animals and not being used to wearing a collar makes them view it as a threat.

Nevertheless, you can train your kitten to be accustomed to wearing a collar quickly and easily. Before that, is it right for kittens to wear collars? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.


Should Kittens Wear Collars? 

If you have an outdoor kitten or you like taking your cats on walks frequently, then you’ll need to put it on a collar.

A cat collar can help for many reasons. For example, in the instance, your pet gets hurt or lost while outside. It’ll be easier to locate your kitten and bring it back safely.

Furthermore, it’s ideal for letting your cat get used to cat collars during her kittenhood. That way, she would get used to it as she grows. It isn’t easy to put a collar on an adult cat.

You might be wondering what age can a kitten wear a collar? Well, according to kittycollar, kittens that are up to 6 months are old enough to wear collars.


How To Train A Kitten To Wear A Collar 

Here are tips on how to train a kitten to wear a collar that you can start using right away;


Pick The Right Collar 

Your kitten will only be comfortable wearing a collar if it’s the right collar for her. Ideal collars for cats shouldn’t be made with elastic or have any elastic inserts. These are stretchable, and your kitten can easily pull on them.

If you’re going to get a flea collar, check to be sure they’re free from chemicals that could harm your pet. I recommend that you go for quick release or breakaway collars with a clasp.

These are safe and won’t choke your pet if she starts struggling to take them off. They will come undone.


Let Your Pet Get Familiar With The Collar 

Before putting on the collar, allow your pet to get familiar with it. When your kitten spends time with the collar, it will see it isn’t something harmful and won’t struggle much if you put it on.

You can simply place the collar on the floor and let your kitten play with it. Putting the collar in the same room with it always helps too.

Furthermore, it’ll help even more if you can get some of your kitten’s scent on the collar. To do this, apply some of your pets’ fur on a towel, then rub the collar with the towel.


Consider Style 

There might be some toys or colors that your kitten loves. Getting a collar made with that color is ideal for collar training, as it’ll be easier for your kitten to accept it.

Fortunately, there are different styles and designs of cat collars available, so that won’t be difficult. It would be best if you got a collar with a tag for identification if someone else finds your cat stranded.

If you are also facing challenges on how to get kitten used to collar with bell know that a bell is may be noisy at first. You might want to get a simple collar first and then a collar with a bell. Bell collars are ideal but the bell shouldn’t be a very loud one.


Wear The Collar When Your Pet Is Calm 

Carry your kitten in your arms and pet it for a few minutes for her to be calm. Once she’s calm, carefully wear the collar around her neck.

It’s important to be gentle, so you don’t startle your pet. If you do, and your cat starts resisting, take the collar off. Pet again until she’s relaxed and makes another attempt.

The collar, when worn, should not be too tight and shouldn’t be too loose. At most, two of your fingers should be able to pass through the collar. If it doesn’t, then it’s too tight.


Keep An Eye On Your Pet 

You shouldn’t put the collar on your pet and look the other way. Supervision is necessary until you’re sure your pet is comfortable with wearing a collar.

The first few times you put your kitten on a collar, there is a high chance that she will try to take it off. It could result in naughty and aggressive behavior, and your pet could hurt itself if you’re not watching.

If you notice any aggressive behavior, you should be there to keep her calm.

See this video on how to fit a collar on your pet.



With the tips on how to train a kitten to wear a collar mentioned above, you should be able to get rid of problems in getting your cat to wear her new collar. If you were interested in how to get kitten used to collar with bell for example, now you know what to do to make your kitten accept the collar. Just make sure the bell is not a loud one.

However, remember, when it comes to training pets, it’s important always to have patience because progress takes time. Don’t forget to share this post if you found this useful.

how to train a kitten to wear a collar fast
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