Several Tips On How To Litter Train A Cat

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Cats are discerning, finicky, feisty, and full of energy sometimes. It sounds like an impossible feat to train them to do anything at all, but it is not. In this article, learn the secrets of how to litter train a cat.


Rule 1: Keep Cats Happy

It is actually not that challenging normally. Though, it all comes down to several factors. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

For one, a wee bitty kitten is likely to look for a box just as likely as an adult cat is.

In the wild, cats like to cover up their business, and their proclivity to search for a pile of soil works in the cat owner’s favor. To cats, a box with litter is the answer when nature calls.


Finding a fresh litter box with plenty of litter to cover up their mess is their ideal setting for relieving themselves. It is very natural for them to use a litter box.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that they can be particular.

If the litter hurts their paws, smells bad, then they will — as a last resort — go elsewhere in the home.

Cat urine is pungent and it can be challenging to find the location of it and to eradicate it.

That means that the main point is to keep the cat or kitten happy when litter training them. There is a simple formula to follow here.

how to litter train a cat
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It all starts by keeping the litter box clean. Scooping out the clumps daily is a part of this routine.

Scrub out the box weekly or monthly, and replace the litter at least weekly. Depending upon the number of cats in the household, the frequency of cleaning can change.

It is recommended cat owners scrub the box out with a mild detergent. Bleach or ammonia is too strong for sensitive cat and kitten noses and may deter them from using the box.

They are fairly particular about where their box is placed. While the scent of dirty litter would be gross to the humans in the living room, it would make the cats feel like they were on stage for the whole family to watch them.

Most of them want a little privacy while they do their business. For particularly enthusiastic cats that toss their litter, and sometimes feces, everywhere, owners are advised to use a covered cat box.


Telltale Signs

Cats are finicky, and it is important that their owners watch their signs for needing to “go.”

It is another key point on how to litter train a cat. When they get up from a nap, stretch, and start looking around, it is likely they want to go to their litter box.

If the cat is not averse to being picked up, then gently lift them and carry them over to the box. It will help them understand that there is a box in the house specifically for their use.

Following these simple steps easily will show you how to litter train a cat.

Most people think it’s hard but it’s not. They seem bred for it. Though, depending upon the quality and location of accommodations and privacy, they may decide to go elsewhere.

Keep the whole family happy by making the cat happy enough to use their litter box. It will be a relief to them too as they can do their business indoors comfortably without needing to go outdoors.

We hope you loved reading this post. Also, see 25 cat facts for cat owners.

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How to litter train a cat quickly
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How to litter train a cat quickly
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