How To Train A Kitten For The Toilet: Toilet Train A Cat

Will you like to learn how to train a cat to use a toilet? This article will show you how to train a kitten for the toilet so your pet can use a regular bathroom and flush when done. Toilet training your cat has its advantages and disadvantages. 

How To Train A Kitten For The Toilet
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One advantage is that you no longer have to deal with the smell of litter boxes and the task of cleaning them. A disadvantage of using a toilet for toilet training is that it could be a hazard as your cat might fall into the WC, so you need to select a suitable toilet training kit.

You will also need to put in the correct safety measures, as will be discussed, to ensure your pet stays safe while being trained. 

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1. Get A Cat Toilet Training Kit

The first thing is getting what you’ll need to conduct the training, a cat toilet training kit. They are also called cat toilet trainers or cat toilet training systems. Cat toilet training kits are primarily training seats shaped like the WC. The exception is that they’re low on the ground rather than high.

You will place this training kit on your pets’ litter box. It’s ideal to go for an adjustable training kit. That way, you can customize the size of the hole not to appear so big.

The more your pet uses the litter box with the training seat on, the more your cat will be getting used to an actual toilet. If you are strapped for cash, have a lot of time to spare, and are willing to learn, you can save money and create a DIY training seat instead, but you will need to ensure your DIY kit is safe for your pet.

Finally, the cat training kit comes with an instructional guide, most likely a video to help you through the training process and use the product.


2. Select A Close Bathroom

To make the change less strange to your pet, you should select a bathroom that’s closest to where your cat stays or where the litter box is placed.

It’ll be better if it is a bathroom that hardly any family members use, as your pet could make a mess several times before getting it right.

how to train a cat to use a toilet and flush
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When you’ve selected an ideal bathroom, move your cat litter box into it. This is a way of sensitizing your kitten, so your cat will head to the bathroom whenever they need to litter.


3. Use A Training Tray

If you’re going to introduce your pet to using an actual toilet directly, you must get a training tray. Typically, it’s an aluminum tray to prevent your pet from falling into the WC. You can order one here on amazon or make one yourself.

The tray you purchase or make should be large enough to cover the WC hole without covering the edges. Secure the tray using duct tape and use plastic wrap to fill in any gaps in the hole.

With time, when you’re confident that your pet can stand without falling, you can get rid of the tray. The disadvantage of this method is that you’ll have to clean the tray after each toilet use.


4. Put The Litter Box On The Toilet

You can take your cats’ litter box and place it on top of the toilet seat. This is another way of sensitizing your pet to climb the toilet seat whenever it’s time to litter.

Litter box near toilet teaching a cat to use wc
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 The litter box should be at the same height level as the toilet seat. Furthermore, you should use a training kit on the litter box before using this method. It makes it easier for your pet to adapt. 

Gradually, as your pet goes to the toilet more, you remove the litter box. You can remove it and leave it on randomly to see how your pet will react.


5. Your Pet Should Watch You Flush

This is an essential tip on how to train a cat to use the toilet and flush. Your pet should be there as you flush the toilet, so, with time, your pet will learn there is something to do immediately after littering.

However, you shouldn’t expect that all cats will flush the toilet every single time. This is because the toilet flushing handle isn’t something your pet can reach easily. In most cases, your pet would have to stretch to get to the handle.

Nevertheless, if you would like to encourage flushing, ensure the cat toilet training kit you purchase or litter box is flushable as it’ll be more within their reach.


When Is The Right Time To Train A Cat To Use The Toilet?

Not all cats can be toilet trained. For some, it’s best to leave them with their litter box. If you’ve got a young kitten that’s not above six months, it’s not recommended that you begin toilet training. Kittens at this age could even have problems using a litter box.

Cute Kitten
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Toilet training is most straightforward when your pet is already used to using a litter box. Furthermore, if you’re the type that is always away, busy with work, it isn’t recommended that you toilet train. Else, you’ll return to find the bathroom messed every day.


Final Thoughts

The toilet training cat tips listed above will make teaching your cat easier. One important thing to always remember on how to train a kitten for the toilet is that it takes time, primarily when your pet is already used to going outdoors or using the litter box.  

If you prefer to use a litter box instead of toilet training, you should see our posts on how to litter train a cat, the best air purifier for cat litter odor, and the best cat litter for asthmatic cat owners that control odors. These articles will help you to get rid of litter and pet odors in your home.

On the other hand, you may enjoy the results when your cat is toilet trained as your pet will be able to clean up after themselves, but you have to be patient enough to see the training process to the end. I hope you enjoyed this post about how to train a cat to use a toilet and flush. I wish you all the best. Don’t forget to share.

How to train a cat to use a human toilet
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