How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In A Cat

In this article, we will be looking at some pet tips on how to get rid of bad breath in a cat. If you own a cat, you must have taken a whiff of your cat’s breath by accident and had to hold your nose after that. A cat’s breath can smell very bad which can be frustrating for cat owners. This is why we will be looking at some tips to cure bad breath in cats.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In A Cat
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To be fair, bad breath in cats can be compared to bad mouth odor in humans. The bad mouth odor from your cat is due to the natural bacteria in the mouth that processes and breaks down foods consumed.

This act of dissolving food releases certain compounds and chemicals into the air like sulfur, which smells bad. Even when isolated on its own, sulfur smells quite terrible. That is why when it is released in a warm and closed space like your cat’s mouth, it ends up smelling even worse.


Bacteria And Bad Breath In Cats

Also, there is the problem of the bacteria in the mouth that naturally causes bad breath. This bacteria is caused by tartar.

When tartar builds up and becomes excessive around the teeth, it creates a conducive atmosphere for the bacteria to grow. If you don’t know what tartar is, tartar is the yellow substance that coats the teeth that form when leftover food and drink substance are not quickly removed from the teeth.

If you are ready to get rid of bad breath in your cat, you will have to find a solution to help you remove tartar from the teeth.


How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In A Cat

Here are some techniques to start using today to help with the problem.

Cat Food For Bad Breath

The first technique you may wish to use to remove tartar is buying the right cat food to help cure bad breath in cats. There are specific cat foods created with the dual purpose of reducing the build-up of tartar. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.


Pet Treats For Cat Bad Breath

The second technique to do is to give your pet treats that also have a dual purpose of getting rid of tartar. They can help to not only get rid of it but also to prevent further recurrence.


Use A Toothpaste For Cats To Cure Bad Breath In Cats

You can save money, though, by using even more techniques to get tartar off your pet’s teeth at home simply by using pet toothpaste.

Get A Pet Toothpaste

Many pet toothpaste brands are great for removing the tartar. The good thing about using these kinds of toothpaste for pets is that they come in very interesting flavors that your cat will love, such as beef, vanilla, and more.

Buy A Pet Toothbrush

It will be best to get a pet-specific toothbrush, which could be manual or mechanical. Mechanical can sometimes be more effective in removing the tartar, but not all cats may be comfortable with it, so using a manual pet toothbrush will do just fine.

These pet kinds of toothpaste contain strong enzymes that are powerful enough to dissolve tartar, which will help provide a solution to your cat’s bad breath. The earlier you start brushing your cats or kitten’s teeth, the earlier you can start removing any tartar build-up that can end up causing bad breath in your cat.

Brush A Cats Teeth To Remove Tartar

After your cat has enjoyed eating the pet food or cat treats, take the time to brush his mouth or rinse it with water if you are too busy. This cleaning technique will help you quickly remove leftover food pieces and bacteria before it can cause any build up in the teeth.

How To Brush A Cats Teeth

If you are new to brushing you will need some help to get you started. See this video for tips on brushing your cats teeth.

Feed Your Cat A Healthy Diet To Stop Bad Breath

Sometimes the bacteria that are causing this tartar build-up can be ingested by your cat from their food. To avoid this, you need to do the best you can to ensure what your cat consumes does not contain unhealthy bacteria.

Provide Your Cat Fresh Cat Food

You should always provide your cat with fresh and healthy cat food. Ensure water and dry food are kept separately to minimize the food from becoming wet.

Feed your Cat Healthy Cat Food

In addition, ensure you only shop healthy cat food brands as if your cat eats healthy, his digestive system will be healthy, which will help keep away bad breath. Don’t just give random treats if you are battling with a breath problem. Take extra care to give only treats that are made for tartar problems.


Professional Cleaning By A Vet

If the tartar has spent a long time and is very bad. You may have to look into professional cleaning by a veterinarian who will apply certain chemicals to your cat’s teeth, which will dissolve the tartar.

This professional cleaning service can get quite expensive, so you need to be sure this is necessary before going this route. However, the good thing is once you have successfully removed tartar from your cat’s teeth, your cat’s breath will stop smelling so bad.


Check Your Cats Heath

Finally, a cat’s health might also be a contributor to bad breath. If you have tried all the methods mentioned here and are still stuck with bad breath, it means the bad breath is not from tartar and may be from a health problem.

Cat Bad Breath Can Be Caused By Disease

Bad breath in aged cats and even young cats can be a symptom of kidney disease or liver disease. The next step will be to take your cat to the vet for a full check-up if the solutions mentioned here have all failed. You are responsible for your pet’s health, so the earlier you detect and health problems (if present), the better for your cat.

Take Your Cat For An Examination At The Vet

Once at the vet, a thorough examination will be conducted on your cat. Whatever is causing the bad breath, even if its just an extreme case of tartar, can finally be addressed and an adequate solution recommended for your use.


A Final Note To Cure Bad Breath In Cats

Cat bad breath can be caused by many things as we have seen in the article. Getting rid of tartar is key to getting rid of bad breath. Also, having a good hygiene routine for your cat is essential to fighting bad breath.

You will see faster and better results if you combine the methods mentioned here such as using cat food that fights bad breath, feeding treats for bad breath, brushing your cat’s teeth with pet toothpaste after meals, taking you cat for professional teeth cleaning by a vet and more. Combination therapy is always very effective in fighting stubborn problems in cats.

Finally don’t forget to take your pet for a check up if you don’t see any improvement after allowing sufficient time to all the techniques.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on how to get rid of bad breath in a cat. Please share it with all your friends if you found this useful.

How to get rid of bad breath in cats
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How to get rid of bad breath in cats
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