How To Train A Dog With A Whistle – Stop Bad Behavior Now

A dog whistle is a particular type of whistle that emits a high-pitched sound that has been used to train dogs for many years. Anyone can use dog whistles to teach various commands, and they can carry over long distances. They also make a unique sound and help get your dog’s attention no matter what they are doing at that time. Most people misuse dog whistles, so we will show how to train a dog with a whistle properly today.

How To Train A Dog With A Whistle
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What Does A Whistle Do To A Dog

Did you know the dog whistle was accidentally invented? The inventor created the device to help determine the frequency of human hearing. However, the creator Sir Francis Galton discovered that dogs could hear really high-pitched sounds.

When a dog whistle is blown, it makes a sharp sound piercing and audible to a dog from very far distances, making it really great for outdoor use. It would help if you used it when running with a dog, biking with a dog, swimming with a dog, hunting with a dog, or even herding dogs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.


Is It Normal To Hear A Dog Whistle

Dog whistles come in various frequencies, and certain types of dog whistles make a sound at an estimated range of 35000 Hz, which may be quite low but still audible to humans but quite loud to dogs and cats. There are also silent whistles that operate at a different ultrasonic frequency that are not audible to humans.


When To Use A Dog Whistle

A dog whistle is best used when your puppy or dog is refusing to follow your verbal instructions. It could be because your pet is stubborn or your dog was not properly trained, amongst other reasons. The unique sound from the dog whistle is not common in everyday life, so your dog won’t be used to it and will stop to understand why and where it is coming from. Therefore, a dog whistle is a new tool to use with your dog that your dog will respond to.


Can You Train A Dog With A Whistle

Can you train a dog with a whistle
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A dog whistle can be an excellent dog training tool, just like a clicker. However, it needs to be used properly. It is not a magic spell that you can blow to make your dogs stop barking, whining or howling, or making them do what you say. You need to train your dog how to respond when you blow it. See our post on the best dog collar to stop whining if you have a dog with a whining or barking problem that needs immediate attention.

Unlike a clicker that you can only use at a near distance, anyone can use a dog whistle both near and far distances. See our other post to learn more about clickers and clicker training a dog, as clickers have unique advantages. If you have just gotten a new puppy or dog, you should buy both for use with them.

However, your aim of using the dog whistle should instead be to train your pet to stop whatever activity they are doing and come to you immediately. Your dog should be able to respond to the verbal instruction or command to come, as you can pair that with the whistle when training to speed up the process.


How To Choose A Dog Whistle For Dog Training

Before we proceed to the actual steps of training the dog with a whistle, you need to know how to choose and buy a good whistle as different types of whistles can be used in different situations.

As stated earlier, dog training whistles come in various frequencies, so you need to pick the right frequency and be sure to stick with that specific frequency. 

Also, you will need to decide if you want an ultrasonic audible whistle or a silent whistle.  Both will work just fine; however, the audible whistle will allow you to be sure you are consistent in your training, and you can hear and measure the pressure you are using each time you blow the whistle. Being consistent in how you use the whistle will help prevent confusion for your dog.

On the other hand,  the silent high pitched whistle will carry over very long distances, which can be useful when outdoors and your dog is off-leash and nowhere in sight.

How to train a dog with a dog whistle plastic
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Furthermore, you will need to decide if you want a plastic dog whistle or a metal dog whistle. We recommend plastic as metal dog whistles can be quite uncomfortable to use in cold weather. They can even cause your mouth to peel during freezing weather.

Here are our top four recommended dog whistles you can buy. Any of these will be suitable, but we have included multiple options due to varying product availability. We always recommend you have two whistles with you at all times as it is important always to have a backup. Some whistles with a pea in them have been known to freeze after using them for a while in cold weather.


How To Train A Dog With A Whistle

Follow the steps below on how to train a dog with a whistle the right way to endure your dog responds to your request. If you are wondering when to start whistle training a puppy, you can start from as early as eight weeks of age. You could do the training outdoors or indoors in an empty room, but the place chosen must be quiet and free from loud noises. Also, you should have a lead with you whenever you are conducting the training, as you may need to intervene and correct the behavior until your dog learns.


1. Decide on How To Use A Dog Whistle For Training

The first thing you need to do is to decide how you want to use the whistle. For example, the first quick blow could be to get your pet’s attention and make your dog sit or stop the activity. The second two quick blows could make your puppy run to you. One long blow could be to make your pet lay down etc. 


2. Learn How To Blow A Dog Whistle And Practice

Blow air into the whistle but while doing so, use your tongue to break up the sound briefly. It’s best to do this practice when your dog is not near you. You don’t want him to be desensitized to the sound when you are finally ready to begin training.


3. Use A Dog Whistle In Place Of Commands

This step is for dogs that already understand and obey your basic commands such as sit and come. The next step will be training dogs with behavioral issues that disobey commands.

Since your dog already understands the basics, you can replace the commands with whistle blows. Here’s how to do it.

How to use a dog whistle to train your dog to sit
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  1. Start with a command your dog already knows and obeys, such as sit. 
  2. Blow your whistle with your chosen sit signal (one short blow, one long blow etc.)
  3. Say the word ‘sit’ immediately after you use the whistle
  4. Once your dog sits, give your dog a treat
  5. Repeat this till your dog gets the association between the sound and instruction. You can tell that this has happened with how eagerly your dog responds once the whistle is blown.
  6. Each time you repeat, give more time between the dog whistle and the verbal instruction.
  7. You need to repeat this four times on your first training session and about three times each training session afterward and no more than three times per week.
  8. After some time, stop speaking out the command and only use the specific dog-whistle signal.

These same steps should be applied to all commands you want to give a dog with unique whistle signals but train the dog on one command at a time.


4. Train A Dog From Scratch With A Whistle

If your dog is stubborn or disobedient and therefore not responsive to your instructions, follow these steps with the new silent dog whistle. Let’s start with teaching a dog to sit.


How To Teach Your Dog To Sit With A Dog Whistle

  1. Start with an easy command such as sit.
  2. Please take out a piece of dog treat and hold it above the dog head, so it follows the treat till it naturally sits.
  3. Immediately the dog is seated, give your unique whistle signal and reward the dog for sitting with the treat.
  4. Repeat this frequently on different days and in different locations till your dog starts sitting once the whistle sound is blown.


Let’s try another command. This command explains how to get your dog to come to you anywhere anytime.


How To Use A Dog Whistle For Recall

How to Train a dog to come with a whistle
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  1. Wear your dog a very long leash. See our post on how to train a stubborn dog to wear a leash if your dog is not trained on leashes.
  2. Spend some time having fun and playing some games with your dog
  3. When your dog is a bit far from you, call it to come
  4. Once your pet starts coming towards you, give your unique dog-whistle signal
  5. When your dog gets to you, shower with affection and a treat. The treat must be high value and mouth-watering, so your dog drops everything to come to you for it.
  6. Repeat this in multiple sessions as before in different locations.
  7. Your dog will begin to build the association that the sound of the whistle means joy, fun and treats and will happily run to you when you use your whistle.


Let’s take one last command to stop barking. You can teach this after your dog learns the first two previous commands.


How To Teach A Dog To Stop Barking With A Whistle

  1. Blow the whistle with your signal to get your dog’s attention
  2. Give the command immediately, for example, ‘quiet.’
  3. Wait a few seconds to ensure your dog complies with the command
  4. If your dog stays quiet, acknowledge with a word like ‘Good Girl’ and give a treat.
  5. If your dog starts barking again, blow the whistle again and repeat the command.
  6. After a while, stop using the instruction completely and only use the whistle.
  7. Repeat the training as explained in the previous steps

Finally, be conscious of how your dog reacts to the sound of the whistle. If your dog is particularly disturbed by loud noises, blow the whistle quietly when using it.


Why You Need To Start Training Your Dog With A Whistle From Today

You must train your dog with a whistle as it will come in very handy outdoors for your dog’s safety. The outdoors is full of lovely sights and smells, and dogs can get very distracted. 

Proper training with a whistle on the bare minimum come and sit commands will ensure you can get your dog to return to you at once no matter the distraction and also get your dog to stop and turn immediately if there is danger nearby, such as traps.

See this video on training dogs with a dog whistle for more information and insights.


Key Takeaways

Dog trainers can use dog whistles to train dogs on basic commands and even complex commands. They are essential when outdoors and could help keep your dog safe. As with all forms of dog training, you will need to be patient with your dog and repeatedly practice, as not all dogs will learn from the first session. 

You also need to choose a good whistle at a frequency that you like and stick to that same frequency, so your dog can recognize your specific whistle wherever your signal is from. Always have two plastic whistles with you at all times to avoid disappointment.

Finally, you need to decide on your whistle signals, practice using the whistle away from your dog and finally start using the whistle with your dog in your dog training sessions. Also, do not overuse the device. Once your dog has learned to respond properly, only use it when needed.

That’s it. Go out there and start using our techniques on how to train a dog with a whistle from today! Don’t forget to share this dog whistle post with all your networks. Your shares keep us going. 

Train your dog with a dog whistle
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