Best Camera To Watch Dogs At Home

Do you need a good dog camera? If you are in a hurry, and just want to see what the best camera to watch dogs at home is then we recommend the Furbo dog camera for various reasons mentioned in the article below. read on to learn more.

Best Camera To Watch Dogs At Home
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What Is The Best Camera To Monitor Your Dogs At Home

It is not always easy to keep an eye on your dog when you are at home, what then happens when you are away?

Well, you can watch your dog and monitor its activities with a dog camera. Have fun watching your dog play from wherever you are using specially made cameras with internet access. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

However in purchasing any product, quality is important, and this applies to dog cameras as well.

An ideal dog camera should be able to capture quality images at good angles and also allow you to communicate with your dog.

Check out the best camera to watch dogs at home
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Motion sensors and detectors are useful features to keep you posted when your pet is up to something.

Also, going for a dog camera with a treat dispenser is a plus as it is a fun way to keep your dog busy and well-fed.

Picking the right camera is not easy because you have a lot of competing brands with a variety of functionality.

Therefore, we have put together a list of products to aid your search for the best dog camera by providing information on some high-quality dog camera models as listed below.


SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera

This wireless camera allows you to watch your dog, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can get it connected through iOS, Android and Mac PCs.

The camera has a two-way audio system that allows for efficient communication, and both microphone and speakers have adjustable volumes.

With the motion detector, you get alerts when your dog moves, and it also functions well at night with its night vision.

You can also schedule the camera to record at any given time, and you need an SD card for this.

The camera is programmed to overwrite old videos and replace with new when memory is full.


  • HD Camera
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Mac PCs
  • Two-way audio system
  • Adjustable volumes
  • Motion detector
  • Night vision
  • Schedule recording

  • Auto overwrite might delete important clips when memory is full
  • Motion detection not the best


Furbo Dog Camera

Here we have an easy to use dog camera from the Furbo brand. It is a wide-angle HD camera with a video live stream feature that allows you to watch your pets’ actions live.

The two-way audio system makes communication easy, and the camera has a barking sensor that sends you a notification whenever your dog barks.

You can use it to fun feed your dog as it tosses treats, the app is only available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Easy to use
  • For Android and iOS
  • HD camera
  • Night Vision
  • Wide-angle view
  • Two-way audio system
  • Barking sensor
  • Tosses out treats to your dog

  • App freezes some times


SKYMEE Dog Camera

The Skymee Dog Camera is a full HD one with night vision, which makes it one of the best camera to watch dogs at home.

It allows for easy communication between you and your pet via the two-way audio feature. From the Skymee app, you can easily share photos and videos with others.

The camera has a motion detector that notifies you when your dog changes position. You can play with your dog or puppy by tossing treats from the camera.


  • HD Camera
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection
  • Toss treat
  • It allows you to share photos and videos on social media.

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection
  • Night vision is poor

WOpet Smart Pet Camera

This is another pet camera that allows you to live stream videos so you can watch your pet live.

It videos in HD and offers a wide-angle view with night vision.

You use the camera along with the app on either Android or iOS devices, from the app, you can share capture images and videos directly to Facebook.

Communication between you and your pet is possible via the two-way audio system with an in-built microphone and speaker.

It also allows you to fun feed your pet by tossing treats.


  • HD Camera
  • Wide-angle view
  • Night vision
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Two-way audio for communication
  • Share files directly to Facebook
  • Toss treats

  • Poor Night Vision
  • Makes noise while tossing treats


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KAMTRON HD Home Security Camera

The KAMTRON HD Home security camera gives you 360 viewing of your pet all day and night.

This camera videos both vertical and horizontally, and you view through the mobile app that is available on Android and iOS.

Its smart detector sends you alerts through the app when your dog makes a move or barks while you’re away.

You can talk to your dog and also hear from it via the two-way audio with the camera’s in-built microphone.

Pictures and videos recorded can either be stored on the cloud or locally through an SDcard.


  • HD Camera
  • Full view
  • For Android and iOS
  • Smart detector
  • Two-way audio system
  • Cloud or SD card storage

  • Sometimes voice echo while communicating
  • App sometimes crashes


Petcube Bites Pet Camera

With the Petcube Bites Pet Camera, you can monitor your pet’s movement all the time from your mobile phone.

You connect the camera and your phone through after downloading the app, the app is available on both android and iOS. The camera is a clear one, it videos in HD and has a wide-angle view with night vision.

It can be used to feed your pet, a simple tap on the app throws out treats for your dog to eat, and it has an audio system through which you can communicate with your pet.

Videos recorded can be stored for free, and you get alerts whenever your pet makes a move or sound.



  • For iOS and Android
  • HD Camera
  • Wide-angle view
  • Night vision
  • Can be used to feed
  • Audio system for communication
  • Free cloud storage
  • Alert system

  • Slower Wi-Fi Connection
  • Fits only specific sizes of treats


PetChatz HD Camera

Created by Pet owners, this HD Camera is an ideal one to purchase for watching and entertaining your dog.

It features a pet-safe design and is very compact.

The camera is easy to operate and you can download the app to control the functions on Android, iOS and Desktop devices.

You can also use it for two way video chats – you see your pet, and your pet sees you, also your pet can message you via the PawCall feature.

It can monitor cats and other pets as well not just dogs.

For entertainment, you and your pet can play games and subscribe to watch DOGTV.

The PetChatz HD camera can as well record and store videos. All you need to do for this to work is to switch on the PetWatch, and it captures your pet whenever it makes any movement.

It can dispense treats for your dog to eat, and the pleasant aroma it releases will calm your pet and put it at ease.


  • For Android, iOS, and Desktop
  • HD Camera
  • Video Recording
  • Ideal for watching pet
  • Ideal for entertaining pet
  • Two-way video chats and PawCall
  • Games and DOGTV
  • Dispense treats
  • Calming Aroma

  • Small screen

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YI Dome Camera

The YI Dome Camera is an HD, multi-angled camera with horizontal and vertical ranges. It offers you 360 viewing of your pet and its advanced night vision makes it useful at night.

You can connect it with the app using Android, iOS, or your computer.

Also, you can use this for communication, and it features two modes for this – the intercom mode and the hands-free mode.

It has a microphone with a noise filter that ensures that the sent audio is clear.

The motion tracker captures and sends you alerts when your dog makes a move.


  • HD Camera
  • 360 degrees viewing
  • Night Vision
  • Can be used with Android, iOS or PC
  • Two communication modes
  • Noise filter
  • Motion tracker

  • Produces noise when it turns
  • Power cord not too long




Petcube Play 2 Wi-Fi Pet Camera

The second Petcube product on my list is the Play 2 Pet HD Camera with wide-angle viewing.

It is a quality camera with an in-built laser toy, and a control app is available on Android and iOS.

You interact with your dog conveniently through the two-way audio with clear and loud device speakers that provide good sound quality.

The camera also detects your pet’s motion with its pet detector and sends you notifications when it moves or barks.

Recorded videos are stored freely on the cloud for easy access later on.


  • HD Camera
  • Wide-angle viewing
  • In-built laser toy
  • App for Android and iOS
  • Two-way audio system
  • Quality speakers
  • Pet detector

  • Camera not adjustable
  • No Night vision


Petzi Treat Cam

Have fun while you watch your pet with the Petzi Treat Cam.

You can easily control the camera directly via a mobile app that you can download on the Google play store and the Apple app store.

HD recording ensures clear video quality, and night vision keeps the camera functional all round the clock even at night time.

It was made mainly for dispensing treats for your dogs, and other pets to eat and possesses a dash replenishment feature which ensures your treats last longer and you hardly run out before you come back.

The camera can be used too for interaction as it features one-way audio and through the app, you can share images to social networks.


  • Ideal for tossing treats
  • For Android and iOS
  • HD Camera
  • Night vision
  • Dash replenishment
  • Allows you to share to social sites

  • Makes noise while dispensing treats
  • One way audio



After going through my list of the best camera to watch dogs at home, you should be able to see that there are various products that meet your needs.

All the products I have listed all possess essential functionalities of a good dog monitoring camera.

However, if you choose to buy the Furbo dog camera that would be an impressive choice because it is the product I recommend due to the various functionality available and affordability of the product. This camera has all that anyone would need in a dog monitoring camera and even more.

Another great option will be the wopet smart pet camera.

However, if you are looking for something cheaper without extra functionality, the Kamtron HD is a good option as it’s very affordable and works well.

It can be purchased at the best rate from this link on Amazon with fast delivery.

If you enjoyed reading this, please pin it to your dogs’ board on Pinterest and share it with others on other social media networks. Also, check out some more interesting posts below.

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Best Camera To Watch Dogs At Home
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