How To Train A Cat To Be Well-Behaved In 7 Easy Steps

How does your cat behave? Is your cat exhibiting some bad behavior that you would like to correct before it becomes a serious problem or a danger to you and your family members? If you are experiencing problems like this, it will be essential to learn how to train a cat to be well-behaved.

How To Train A Cat To Be Well-Behaved
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A well-behaved cat is a joy to have and safe to be around you or your family members. It will also prevent random cat biting and attacking. Check out some top tips below that’ll help you learn how to have well-behaved cats;


1. Don’t Let Your Cat Do Everything She Wants 

Cats are independent animals. They are comfortable enough to stay by themselves most of the time. They don’t need their owners to feel great. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Please note as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. However all the information provided on this site are my own honest opinions.

To make your cat well-behaved, you shouldn’t let your cat have her way all the time. She might want to eat more treats after complete feeding or play more when the sessions are over, refuse to go to bed when it’s time, etc.

While you love your pet and would want to see your cat happy, letting her proceed and have her way all the time will only spoil your cat as she might get to see these things are normal.


2. Don’t Punish Your Cat Physically 

If your cat is misbehaving, the last thing you want to do is to use physical force. Cats never learn from physical force; instead, it could make them aggressive, angry, or afraid of you. 

If you try to use force, you could also lose your cat’s trust. With this, you’ll be achieving the opposite of what you’re aiming for.

There are several proven ways of correcting a cat without resulting in the use of physical force. You can deter your pet by spraying your cat water, or you can get something to scare or deter her from approaching specific areas. 

One other way is by spraying areas with smells cats hate. Using smells is a common method used to keep cats away from the garden or other important areas of the house.


3. Reward Your Cat’s Good Behaviors 

If you want your pet to behave well, you have to let your pet know you want her to behave a certain way. A simple method to achieve this is by rewarding her whenever she does something good, especially when she replaces a bad behavior with a good one.

You can reward your pet by giving your pet tasty treats, kisses, hugs, giving her new toys, etc. This action should be taken immediately after your cat impresses you so that your cat will understand why you are rewarding her.


4. Eliminate Any Cause Of Bad Behavior 

Your cat’s misbehavior might be due to a specific trigger. Eliminating this cause or trigger will get your pet to change for the better. This is mostly applicable in cases of aggressiveness.

As you may know already, there are different types of aggression in cats. These include play aggression, fear aggression, territorial aggression, redirected aggression, etc. Read more about it in our article on how to calm an aggresive cat.

Each of these aggression types has different triggers, which you’ll have to figure out and deal with. You may need to take your pet to a vet to check for any medical causes in some cases.


5. Ignore Her If She Plays Rough 

One of the bad behaviors your cat might exhibit is playing rough. It’s very common for kittens and young cats to engage in rough play. This kind of rough play isn’t ideal, and you can get them to quit by ignoring them.

As you play with your pet and your cat starts playing rough, leave her and walk away from the room. Do the same the next time she tries it and the next. She’ll come to understand you do not like it when she plays rough.


6. How To Train A Cat To Be Well-behaved By Routine 

Getting your cat to follow a daily routine is ideal for keeping your cat’s behavior in check. There should be scheduled time for your pet to eat, play, sleep, etc., every day.

how to train a cat to behave
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Cats are creatures of habit. It won’t take long before your pets get used to their routine.

If your cat gets used to her routine, she’ll be waiting once it’s time to bathe, already in bed when it’s time to sleep, and so on. This is the good behavior you’re looking to build.


7. Consider Neutering Your Cat

As your cat matures, it might get aggressive and exhibit unacceptable sexual behavior. This behavior change is most common with male cats. Neutering helps to reduce these unacceptable sexual behaviors in 80 – 90% of cases.

When neutered, your cat calms down, becomes more relaxed, and they’ll have low activity levels. The behavioral changes after neutering will vary depending on the cats’ breed.

However, neutering is an option you must discuss with your vet if it’s safe for your pet. Also, the process must be done by a professional.

See more tips on how to have well behaved cats in the video below.



Once your cat starts exhibiting bad behavior, it’s your duty as a pet owner to correct the situation quickly before it becomes unbearable. This is why it’s necessary to know how to train a cat to be well-behaved.

Correcting bad attitudes and behavior will be easier if you detect the change in behavior earlier. According to RSPCA, some early signs to look out for include aggression, high levels of grooming, hiding, sleeping hunched, etc.

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Better bahaving cat
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Train a cat to behave well
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Train a cat to behave well
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